Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Heart Mint Nursery Design

It is finally here! I finished my niece's nursery! A few days ago I went and put the final touches on my sweet little niece's nursery. If you remember I wrote a post on some inspiration pieces for her nursery. I went with the colors mint, blush pink, coral and gold. I originally threw in peach but, only ended up using a splash here and there. I only have a boy so, doing a girl's nursery was a dream come true. It had to be super girly and filled with lots of sparkle! My sister is an amazing graphic designer and she made some adorable prints for the room. My brother in law is always so helpful and painted the room with me!!! I hope they all love it and enjoy spending time together in the new room.

My sister recently moved into her new home with her husband just days after she had her little girl. So, as you can imagine she had her hands full! I asked her if I could help put together her nursery and she gave me full reign!!! I was so excited. 

My sister found this crate and it originally had a Christmas design on the sides. I thought it would be great to hold books in. I simply painted the sides peach and added a monogram letter to it. Love using vintage items!

I found this pillow on Etsy and I couldn't pass it up. Blush pink and gold polka dots....xoxo! WilderandBean is such a cute shop. Check out her other pillows and blankets. They are not only cute... but very well made.

While I am loving on some Etsy, let me just show you my favorite part of the room. The gold heart wall!!! I purchased these decals from OwlHills. These are wall decals that come in 38 different colors. I was so excited when I saw they came in metallic gold! They also have other decals like polka dots and arrows. If you are looking for an easy way to add something special to your walls I highly recommend their decals. They were super easy to use. The placement we chose was tricky but luckily the decals are repositionable:). 

These are prints my sister made. I need to ask her to put them in our shop! Also, I seriously need to work on my photography(ugghhh...that glare)! It was so hard for me to get any good pics. I moved things around... added things...subtracted things...turned on and off lights. Whew, it is hard work! I think I got like one good pic. 

 I found this lamp at Goodwill. It did not have a shade but that was ok because I found the cutest one on clearance at Target. I then added some dollar section crocheted flowers from Michaels to give it a vintage touch. It came out to around 15.00 for the lamp and shade. I pictured my niece using this little space to play dress up and look at herself in the little antique mirror or maybe a little reading corner(which is more suited for her as her parents are little girl would be using it to stare at herself in her newest outfit). :)

I love this vintage nightstand my sister found thrifting. I also used the matching dresser that my sister already had from when she was little. That rocking chair is also my sisters from way back when. Kudos to my Mom for keeping our cute furniture! 

This is the matching dresser from my sister's childhood. I love the feminine lines. I added a wire heart wall art piece to hold all of my niece's hair accessories.

Isn't that pouf so cute???? That was the best score! It was on clearance at Target for only 7.48! It had all the colors of the room, except for mint.  

And here is the bed. You my be thinking..."Where is the crib"? That is what I had envisioned, as it is a nursery. My sister has a fancy pack and play and decided to use that for as long as possible and thought it would be best to just get a toddler bed. She may choose to get a crib later on, but for now she has this pink toddler bed. I have to say this threw me off. The scale of it is so small. It looks like doll furniture next to everything else. I made that "C" scroll art from some wood pieces from Michaels. I pictured the crib going under the art pieces but when that idea was nixed I had to think!!!! I saw a picture of a room that used a towel rack to display a quilt. I thought this would be a great place to use this idea as it would add some height to the bed. I thought about floating the bed in the middle but as my niece grows bigger I know she will need the room to play. The quilt on the bed is one that I try to steal from my sister every time I come over. My Nana made it . She made one for me too but I used it so much it started to fall apart. Now that it is my niece's I guess I won't try to steal it anymore....maybe:).

A lot of Auntie love went into this room. It was so fun to put together. If there is anything that I did not link above I will link down below. Sweet dreams little niece! Enjoy your new space!

Towel Rack//Decals//Pillow//Bed//Blanket above bed (custom made by Grandma)