Monday, November 5, 2012


This is a light hearted post about accents...or accessories in the home. Particularly my home. Did you happen to see the line of home decor items that Target recently had of gold items? I wanted them all!!! They were right up my design alley. I never thought I would be a gold girl. I hate to say this but I really don't like silver anymore!!???!!. I am sure that will change over the years..but for now give me gold!!!! I like that it is classy and traditional but it can also glam up a space. I know some people will just never get over gold looking like something their Grandma would decorate with but believe me it is cool! Before I show you some of the gold accents that have come to live with me...let me show you some pillows...that I realllllly love and only took me nearly 3 years to finally purchase them!!!! I have to say I used(use)??? to buy things only on clearance for my home. I have a problem paying full price for anything, but it left me with a bunch of pieces that I did not like and a home that just wasn't me. I still have a hard time not buying things on clearance...just because they are cheap...but I am getting better.

Anyhoo...I needed some new pillows for my living room. This room was a collection of all of our old pieces and it was just dark and boring and not working for me. I removed the ugly faded lime green slipcovers from my couch shortly after moving to the house we are in now. Please don't judge me about my lime green slipcovers...they were on clearance and so were lime green pillows to match. In my defense they aren't electric lime...but still not my style really. Anyways, I removed the slipcovers but left on the pillows. I just did not like them...but pillows can be pricey and I did not want to make the same mistake again and purchase pillows that were just "ok". I wanted pillows that I would really enjoy looking at. I really do have a passion for interior if all this talk about the importance of pillows is weird..I apologize...but I love pillows and am not afraid to say it:). So, speed forward to about a month ago..I picked up these beauties at Stein Mart, of all places. I needed pillows that were a large scale geometric because my curtains are pretty busy with some floral designs (which I just took down and exchanged for solids...ahhhggghhh).
Confession-These did happen to be on clearance...but they were perfect!!! And Stein Mart also happened to have an extra % off that they ended up only being like 8.00 each:)

Saturday I was at Target for the second time this week and noticed some pillows that were just what I had been looking for(for the other sofa in my living room). They had all the colors of my room...but I was afraid they would clash with my curtains( they did..hence the switcheroo of curtains that went on last night). They were not on sale and were 24.99 a piece. Really not that bad...but I knew they would go on sale. And they did the very next day! Only 10% off...but...there just happened to be a buy one get one 50% off coupon. SCORE! So for only around 34.00 I got two:)

And finally here are the gold accessories that I was keeping my eye on. These I did not necessarily NEED...but I really just wanted them and they were 70% off...I have a serious problem!!!
These tall beauties are just what my vanity needed or wanted, I should say(only 3.00 ea). My room is a little modern glam(modern for the Hubs and glam for me). Oh and that brush and hand mirror (under my perfume) is from my Nana:) I use to play with those all the time in her guest bedroom when she lived in CA years ago!

This will eventually go on my bed...if I ever decide on a comforter!!!!
This is in my living pretty:)

I am done buying items for my home now. I went through all of the rooms in my house and am getting rid of a ton of stuff. Although, now I just added more. Happy designing! 

If anyone ever wants some help I would LOVE to help. I know the basics.I am not a professional, but it is my passion and I have a million ideas floating around my head and Pinterest(for safe keeping). You really don't have to spend a whole lot of money updating your space. Sometimes, just moving a few things around (like my curtains) can really change the whole look of a space. I love shopping my other rooms and re-decorating another room with those pieces. Plus I need to stop moving things around in my house...the Hubs never notices but I am certain he will catch on soon...maybe not??!!! :)