Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ahoy Matey

 I have to say I love all things to do with the ocean...especially ANCHORS! I am even having a nautical themed 30th birthday party. I also looooove stripes... so nautical anything is just amazing in my book. I was working on some decor for my bday and thought I would share a little sneak peak before the big day!
Step 1: Take 12x12 scrapbook paper and make an accordion. Do this twice.
Step 2:Now combine the two pieces of paper and gather them in the center and tie a piece of baker's twine and secure.

Step 3: Now you can open up each side of the fan and use double sided tape to secure each side forming a circle. I added a circle piece to the center to add a little extra charm:).

Voila! You have a firecracker/burst/rosette thingy. These are really inexpensive and easy. They would be super cute at a 4th of July party or a kids party...and of course any nautical themed 30 year old's party:)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Well hello there! I have been missing from blogland for some time now. It is funny that I have been so busy and have so much to blog about but do not have any time to blog. 

I decided to start back and try to do at least one post every week. That shouldn't be too hard, right??? I meant to post this yesterday, but alas, I was too busy. I wanted to start a "Weigh In Wednesday" post for every...Wednesday(or in reality whenever I can get around to it). I started a new "lifestyle change" yesterday. I don't want to call it a diet...because this is just really about eating healthy and is long my whole life long term. 

Let me take you back to about two weeks ago. I was on my computer surfing the web..when my heart went all pitter patter. Not because I saw something cute or lovely...but because I was dying. Ok...not really, but that is what I thought. I think anything that is off in my body means I am dying. A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was reading, "The Blood Sugar Solution", by Dr. Mark Hyman(thanks Val). After having my near death experience I decided I needed to make a change. After examining what was going on in my life at that moment...I came to the self-diagnosis that I was eating like a high school boy. Not caring at all that I was not eating my veggies...or getting a well-balanced meal. At the time of my heart palpitations I had just downed what I lovingly referred to as my "happy juice" AKA Dr. Pepper. I then proceeded to have another for lunch and felt miserable. "That's it...I am done you"...I exclaimed. I have said this many times before but now I really could feel it harming me. Not that it wasn't all those years..but now it was messing with my blood sugar and my mental well-being. In the back of my head I knew that it would have to come to this before I stopped. Just like with any other drug, and yes sugar is a drug, I was addicted. 

I went to the Dr. a week later and explained to him what was happening and that I couldn't stop thinking about it and that I was having horrible panic attacks. My blood pressure was fine..I had lost 9 pounds since my last visit and my EKG was completely normal. My Dr. looked at me and reassured that I was not on the verge of a heart attack...and possibly thinks I am crazy. Totally already diagnosed myself with the crazies long ago DOC...thank you very much! :) 

My Dr. told me about a guy who could help me with my weight loss, a woman who could help me with my mental well-being, sent me to have my Thyroid and Adrenal levels tested, and a prescription from some drug that would take away my panic attacks if it happened again. I hate taking drugs...I usually let him write the prescriptions and then try to find a healthy alternative. Having that peace that I checked out ok(still waiting on my blood tests) was really good enough for me. I have not had a panic attack in a week! 

Sooooo....all this to say that I have read this book by Dr. Hyman and feel so much more informed on the correct way to eat. Also, about how by eating whole foods and getting enough sleep and exercising I can cure my internal issues. I suffer from migraines, allergies and some other issues..not life threatening...but early signs that I have blood sugar issues. I have no doubt that if I don't change the way I eat that I will have diabetes. So, there it Weigh In...a little heavy(pun intended:)). I chose Wednesday because that was my official start date. I will be on this journey for 6 weeks. After that I will continue but can add in a few more things...if I feel I need to. Right now I am having only whole foods...if it has more than 5 ingredients on the label or items I can not has been tossed. Lots of veggies, fruit and lean protein. I am not going to lie...I really want a big ol' piece of chocolate cake right now. But, as of this morning I have already lost two pounds! So, although that cake sounds soooo good...I will continue in my no white flour, no sugar, no gluten, no processed foods and no dairy eating:). 

I encourage everyone to read, "The Blood Sugar Solution",   it is so amazing how certain ailments are connected and how adding more vitamins and minerals to your diets can cure them. I think most of us know the basics. It is obvious that eating well and exercising makes you healthy...but this book goes deeper and it is such a great read. Hoping to stay my 30th bday is right around the corner...which means no cake for me...and no Dr.Pepper..but whatever...I will have so much more energy and feel well enough to party the night away. Tune in next Wednesday(hopefully) to see what I Weigh In on.