Monday, December 15, 2008

First Trimester:Is it here yet?

I am not going to lie. The first three month of pregancy are horrible. It isn't morning is all day sickness. Whoa mama..I am not sure if I want to do this again..hopefully I am having twinsbecause this is it! Those were some of the thoughts running through my head as I stared at the toliet bowl each morning.

It was the same thing wake up, sign in for work, run to the bathroom. I didn't through up too much during the day, but I continually felt nauseous all day long. I almost wished I would throw up then maybe I would feel better. I couldn't deal with it any longer so at my Dr. appoinment I said.."Ok doc there is got to be something for this horrible nausea. Guess what there was. The "magic pill". It doesn't harm the dissolves on your tongue and instantly the sickness is gone. Oh how I love you, magic pill!!!!

So, the sickness began to become bareable, but I still had to take my daily naps around 1-2 everyday. Cooking, cleaning and other hosehold chores got put to the side. I began to eat everything in sight. It was never enough. I didn't have cravings...I just wanted a lot of whatever I was eating. One night I really wanted pizza, but we were meeing some friends and had to get something fast. Ohhhhhh...I wanted that pizza so bad. Poor Scott, he listed ahandful of places to eat and nothing sounded good. Finally, we stopped at a BBQ place as I stared at the menu nothing looked good in fact it was making me sick. I told Scott to order and I would drive thru somewhere else. So, there was an Arby's and we porceeded to pull through...a man came on to ask us for our order and again nothing sounded good..what was I thinking. I hadn't been to Arby's in years. Scott said nevermind I have a pregnant woman in the car, this is our second stop. The man laughed and said he totally understood. I still really wanted pizza. I actually could have ordered it in the beginning and had that pizza by now. I think I ended up at good ol' Del Taco. A combo burrito always sounds good to me!

As, I began to get closer to my second trimester. I began to think I could do this pregnancy thing again. It was so surreal to me still. Some days I would think, "Am I really pregnant"? During the second trimester is when I began to see changes and start to feel things that cemented the fact that I was indeed preggos:)

We're Having a Baby

The nurse had called me as I mentioned before. It was August 29th, a Friday. That night we were going out with a bunch of friends and would not be home til late. So, as soon as I got off of work I decided to go to the cigar shop and buy a cigar that said..It's a Boy...It's a Girl. I would hand them to Scott and wait for a reaction. I drove all around town to one cigar place after another. Not the funnest thing ever but I was on a mission. No one had just a single cigar with the phrases on them so I decided when I got home that I would just make my own cigar band. I wrapped each cigar I had bought with my labels and tucked them away in a spot that Scott would not see or smell them. I decided to wait until Saturday morning to tell the new daddy to be. I wanted it to be special and I didn't want all of our friends to know before our family. It was so hard to keep it quiet all night..but I did it. I woke up that next morning and walked over to Scott at his computer and handed him the cigars. It took him a minute, but he saw my labels and looked and me with a huge grin. I said "Yep we're having a baby"!!! It was so special. This was the beginning of a wonderful time in our lives.

Whoa Mama:My First Pregnancy

So...I was a few days late with "you know what" and as always I bought a pregnancy test just to make sure I wasn't preggo. I had done this several times and Scott was beginning to get a little irritated with me spending money on the things. We probably could have gone to a nice dinner with what these tests cost, but my impatient self could not wait. I would inevitably always get a negative staring back at me and days later Aunt Flow would come to visit. (Sorry to any guys reading this blog..normally I would be disgusted myself..but whoa mama pregnancy seems to change that).
This time I went for the cheaper store brand name. I was determined to stay away from the one with "that" commercial. You know..the "one" where there is a steam of urine shooting from the side of the screen onto the test. Like we really needed to see that. Come on people..what will the children think. Ok, so I followed the instructions...or reenacted the commercial and this one was different. There was a plus/negative window and then there was another window for confirmation you did it right. Well there was something that looked like a plus sign but it wasn't clear. Of course, I should have bought the name brand. Then there would have never been this confusion. Instead of rushing to the store to buy another...I decided to call my doctor and set up a blood test. That way I could be certain. Now this was not the first time I had been in to get my blood taken for a pregnancy test. Every time I was a day late I would run in and then find out it was negative. A few days pass and I see that my doctor's office is calling. I have to say this time I had a feeling. Scott kept asking me if I felt I was pregnant and I would never really answer. I felt I would jinx it somehow:) So, the nurse call and for some reason thought I had already received my results. She says, "As you already know the results are positive and we want to get you set up to see a OBGYN. My eyes widened..I was sooo happy. I told her I actually didn't know and she began to congratulate me. I then got all set up with my information I needed to contact Dr. Marcus, my new doctor, that would handle this new adventure.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Falling Apart or Falling into Place?

Have you felt like lately nothing is going right? That nothing is the way it was just a short bit ago? That your world has been turned upside down?I sure have! The status of our economy is making me sick. Just a short while ago I was chugging along with no worries..then bam..out of no where I am hit by another train (I'll call it The Great Depression #2 train).
I'm watching friends loose, homes, cars, their relationships...finally their minds!!! It is hard to watch those who do not have the Lord to lean on in these tough times just fall to pieces. Even those who do know the Lord find it hard to stay strong. Yet, God promises us he will never give us more than we can handle. There is always a lesson to learn. So, what is the lesson we as Americans have to learn? In the beginning I thought that it was to teach us that we need to stop spending. We are so consumed by being consumers. "Things" ruled our lives. I have seen those taken away from those close to me and many around our nation. We started to buy things we knew we couldn't afford...we thought that it would make us happy...and know what? did! But, those very "things" we went out and got, have now put us in the predicament that we are in now. I know personally God needed to remind me to be better with my finances and I failed many times trying to learn my lesson..but God was gracious and always provided for my needs. Just when I thought He didn't care and there was no way to come out of my financial funk..bam..there was an unexpected check that I never knew was coming..but He did!

I also think this is a time for more people to turn to Christ. During hard times you lean on God if you have that relationship or search out God if you are needing help. On the other hand it is also a time, when those who do know God, but hearts become hardened, to fall away. I have seen this happen to people I would never have guessed. Family and friends who seemed to have had it together have lost everything. Marriages who I thought would last a life time are on the rocks! It is scary times.

I can't help to look at all the turmoil around me, far away and right next door, and think Lord, Is the end near? Sure seems like it. With the upcoming election that makes me think even more about the end. Marriage is being challenged...who would have thought how morally corrupt our world could have become in one's life time. What used to be the norm is now seen as arrogant, conservative..right-wing..close-minded thoughts. WAIT A MINUTE...NO..I want an unborn child to live! I want marriage to remain between a Man and Woman as God created...for Man and Woman to recreate life together as husband and wife. I want my President to stand up against Terrorist who threaten my country...and I am the Wacky one!!!!! The End is Near...are you ready. Are you leaning on God in these difficult times. He is ALWAYS there...He will guide you in the right path..when you feel like you are on the wrong one. He will light the way. When you are faced with issues too worries... give them to Him he is waiting to take care of them for you. Is your life going to be are still sinners and we need to learn...continually!!!! But, the Lord has a plan and if you put your trust in Him and follow his direction you will have a peace the passes all understanding. Sounds good to me! So remember things may seem to be falling apart...but they are just falling into place. God knows what going on...he has a plan and if you are in His too will have peace amidst the storm.