Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 1

You hear all the stories of late nights with baby. No sleep for either the mom or dad. So, I decided that, hey, I don't have to work, my job now is to be mommy. That even though he has woken up every hour that I had no where to be nothing to is all good! I thought something was wrong with him when he wanted to eat after only 45 minutes of just feeding him. My Pediatrician reassured me that it was normal, especially for babies with Jaundice. Babies use almost everything in breast milk and so they eat more frequently. He is starting to eat more at one time and sleeping longer.
My mom has been such a great help during this time. It really makes me appreciate her some much more. As a mom you have to become selfless. Your child depends so much on you, especially the first few years of life. It puts my heart at ease when she is here with me. Thanks MOM!!!
Scott has been such a great help too. He loves his little boy. He has to take on a little more than most since it is still hard for me to move around. Luckily, he is able to stay home with me. He wont be starting his new job for a little while. God is provide a job and still allow him to be with me and Shane.
Shane will already be a week tomorrow!! I treasure every last second I have with him. I love when he lays chest to chest with me. I sometimes still feel him there even when he is not. I love when he smiles at me or the sound of his daddy's voice. I love when he looks around. His eyes are so precious. I love when he is feeding and he raises his eyebrows and his forehead gets all scrunchy:) I just plain LOVE everything about eyes are all watery now. He has beautiful dark blue eyes for now and black hair. I am curious to see what he will look like in a few months. I can see both Scott and I in him..also my brother:). Well, it is about time to wake the little one up. I can't believe I have time to post this.

Welcome Shane Joseph Gieser

Well my little man is finally here! He arrived on April 16th at 8:55pm. Weighing in at 8lbs 2oz and 20.5 inches long. I went to Dr. Marcus on Wednesday, had high blood pressure yet again and so off to the hospital I went. Dr. Marcus had talked about inducing on the 20th since I still had high blood pressure, but then the ultrasound showed that the baby would be 8 lbs and 15oz!!! Dr. thought that with the combo of my high blood pressure and the risk of him having a shoulder get caught that it would be best to have a C-Section. So, we decided that we did not want to risk the chance of any complications and I was scheduled for a C-section around 8:15 on Thursday the 16th. I wasn't really scared to be honest. I just wanted to have a healthy baby and God really put my heart at ease.
So, at 8:55pm Shane was welcomed into the world and our hearts. Man, I am already crying just thinking about it again. This whole experience has made me so emotional. The love I have for him from the time we conceived until the day I met him was so intense. Because I had a C-Section I could not bond with him like a normal delivery. I had to wait almost two hours to get sewed up and stay in recovery before I could see him. Scott was able to stay with him the whole time so I was glad for that. The whole family came and Ryan and Heather. Everyone got to kiss him..Scott opened the door of the nursery.
I can't even describe everything that goes on when you see your baby for the first time. I would do anything for Shane. I hate to see him in any pain. He had to do a variety of tests that were normal, but the blood test was the worse. Some young girl comes in takes my baby lays him in a hard, cold hospital bassinet and pricks the bottom of his feet to get blood. He doesn't bleed very well and is crying uncontrollably. If I didn't just have surgery I would have jumped up and punched her in the face! I know she was just doing her job, but I felt so helpless. I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything was going to be alright...ohhh here come the tears again. Once she left I held him tight and cried my eyes out.
I shared a room with another lady who had a C-Section as well. It was not the best. When her baby was crying mine was sleeping and visa versa. The nursery did come and take Shane for a few hours so I could get rest, but I really did not want him to leave my site. I had a really hard time letting him go. Scott and others said that I really need to get the sleep and once I am gone from the hospital there is no more nurses so I better take advantage of it!
I was able to leave the hospital on Sunday morning. The doctor said I could leave on Saturday but I really felt that I needed to stay one more night to heal more. We had many visitors. It was so great to share this experience with all of them. Shane was healthy, a little Jaundice, but other than that God had his hand over him and his mama through the whole nine months and after!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


According to my ultrasounds..the 21st is the most common due date they have all stated. I no longer need to do a C-Section. The baby wasn't as big as they fact the last time I was in the hospital they said he was 1# smaller than the ultrasound done prior. It is so hard to tell who knows what is going on! Every week there is different news. I go tomorrow to Dr.Brar-he is a specialist who checks my blood pressure and monitors my contractions, if any, and also the babies heart beat. Finally, they do a quick ultrasound. Last week was my first one. It was really weird. They have about five recliners in a room and you go in there recline back and a nurse comes and hooks you up to the monitors and you lay back for about 10-15 minutes. Everything looked well and so I just have to continue to go now twice a week until the baby gets here.

Dr.M still was talking about inducing me on the 20th, instead of the C-Section. Since he isn't as big and no longer breached..there really is no reason for the C-Section, but I think he still wants me to be induced because of my high blood pressure. I think Dr. M is finally realizing that I have White Coat Syndrome. It is fine when I am at home but as soon as I walk into the Dr. office I can feel it going up. I hate the doctor's office and hospital! I can't wait to be in the hospital because I am delivering my son and not because of my high blood pressure...I have been there three times now because of it.

The nursery is all put together. I have a crib, changing table, dresser and glider in there. All the decor is up and all we need to do is install a ceiling light that a friend just gave us. I washed all the clothes and blankets. I think I am all ready! Physically more than mentally:) We still have not decided on a name and want to wait until we see him. So, we could have a little Wyatt, Shane or Jack. Or we could choose a different name entirely!

I have had a few small contractions. Easter morning at about 2am I felt my first ones. They were dull and only went on every 7 minutes for about an hour. Scott asked me if I was ok and I said that I was just having some contractions. He said, "Excuse Me"!!! It really made him realize that he was coming soon and that we need to be ready.