Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Vanity Chair Seat Cushion

I am so behind in my home projects. The last crafty/DIY project I did was reupholstering my office chair which you can read about here. For my birthday my mom bought me a beautiful vanity chair for my bathroom. It needed a seat cushion though. So, I knew that I had to reupholster my office chair and decided to just buy some extra fabric. Well, my birthday was six months ago! I woke up with a migraine today and was in bed for a good part of the day. Once I drugged myself enough I got up and decided to work on my chair since I did not have to work. Working full time really does not allow me any extra time for this sort of thing...so I was happy to be able to finish this project.

I am no expert in upholstering. This required no sewing so, I knew that it was not going to be that hard. The hardest part would be the round shape of the seat. Also, I chose a chevron pattern and needed to make sure that stayed straight. Here is a little beginners try at adding a round seat cushion to a vanity seat. Enjoy!

Before: Not so comfy
My dad cut out a round wooded seat..great having a Carpenter for a Dad!
Used foam, batting, my upholstery fabric(found at Joann's) and a staple gun.

Pretty basic: I cut out the foam with a serrated knife.
 Then added the batting and started to stretch and staple.

In order to prevent getting too many folds I tried to stretch the batting as much as possible. The same process was done with the fabric. You want to stretch and pull as much as possible without distorting the pattern of the fabric.

This is how it looks with just the batting. A few folds but not too bad for this beginner:)

Found this cute model!

Taadaa! The seat is finished. It only took about 20 minutes tops!

Ahhhh...look at all that comfiness!

Now I have a place to sit while I do my makeup!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

200th Post!!!! Summer Lovin: Natural Products

***Update-The facial cleanser and moisturizer did end up bothering my sensitive skin. I was so bummed. I get a million little bumps all over my chin when something irritates my skin and that happened:(. Not sure if it was the cleanser or the moisturizer or both??? But wanted to leave an update. I am putting in another Vitacost order right now, so I may try another cleanser...but I really just think my face loves Olay!

This is my 200th blog post!!! I am so excited to write more this year. I am on track...being that this is my third post this week!

The last few months I have tried to introduce more natural products into my home. Both in cleaning products and beauty/personal products. In this post I am going to share some of my beauty/personal natural products that I have used and love. I do have some cleaning products I want to share with you too, but there are a few that I have yet to use that I purchased and want to include those. So, for now I will share with you a few natural products I have purchased and am loving.

I have yet to find any DIY natural recipes that really do anything spectacular. So, I was glad to find that these few products are either 100% natural or mostly natural and they work great! I follow a girl on YouTube also named Summer. She turned me onto Vitacost. If you are not familiar with Vitacost (this is my referral link, you can get 10.00/30.00 purchase, but don't feel like you have to use it) I highly recommend you check it out . They have so many natural products ranging from cleaning products to vitamins to beauty products. I was glad to hear that Summer highly recommended this first product by Andalou.It is the Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser. I was happy with my current facial cleanser by Olay and have used it for years. I was not happy though with all the added junk thrown in. I was a little afraid to switch as my skin is so use to the Olay cleanser and usually doesn't like change. I was pleasantly surprised that I had no reaction and my skin loved it! The lemon smell is so yummy. Being that it is natural I was tempted to eat it! I also loved the fact that it was brightening because of the lemon. I have only used it a few times but I really like it so far. It is a little more pricey($8.69) than my Olay but only by like $3.00. It is an ounce smaller as well. Natural products do tend to be more expensive and I am ok with that. It is a non GMO product, gluten free, paraben free(super important), sulfate free, vegetarian and cruelty free. I am new to the whole natural living, so I am learning the importance of not having these items in my products. As I learn more I will be sure to share!

Next is another item Summer recommended (thanks girl). It is a moisturizer by derma e. It is a refining vitamin A wrinkle cream. I don't have wrinkles yet...but I do have fine lines and vitamin A will definitely help with that. I tend to have dry skin, but I don't like a super thick moisturizer. They usually get a bit oily. So, when I opened this jar of moisturizer up I was so happy to see it was the perfect consistency. Think thick whipped cream. It also smells like candy...again tempted to eat my face products!!! This product is 100% vegan, cruelty free(kind of wondering how many of my products are not) and paraben free. Besides the vitamin A it also contains Safflower oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, avocado oil and soybean oil. It did have a few ingredients that I have no idea what they are but that doesn't mean they are not natural. For instance, vitamin E is Tocopheryl Acelate! I will definitely be buying this again. It is 4 ounces and was $9.62. Again, this is more pricey, but it is natural and fighting my wrinkles, that my friends is priceless!

The next few products are less exciting but I am super happy I bought them. First, this is a product I have used for about 6 months. It is the Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel. It is 100% all natural. I use this as my toner and it works wonders. My skin loves it as it is very gentle. This is great for all skin types. It is oil-free and also it is non-drying. So, a win-win for dry or oily skin. I just apply it to my face with a cotton round after I have cleaned my face and it gets rid of anything that my cleanser did not take off. Toner is also meant to balance your skin. It is just a great natural product. I got my 16 oz bottle at Vons. It actually had a try me for free coupon on it so I paid nada for it!!! I believe it was not too expensive??? I will leave links to where you can purchase everything down below.

Last up is toothpaste! Ooooohh so exciting. I heard about this from Summer as well. She uses the Spry brand for herself as well as her children. It has no sugar(why does toothpaste have sugar in it??? Had no idea!!!) It does contain Xylitol(this is a natural sweetener). Again still learning about all this natural business...but I read Xylitol is great at adding minerals back into your teeth. This toothpaste also has no fluoride.Again, not an expert but fluoride is not good for you. I just had the dentist put a fluoride treatment on Shane's teeth too! Oh well, I am sure the dentist has a good reason as to why we need it??? Shane's toothpaste is a gel. It is safe for 3 months and up. It is all-natural and safe to swallow. He likes the taste(which is original). It is 2 ounces and is 4.39. My toothpaste is the peppermint one and is 4 oz for 3.96. With Vitacost you do have to pay shipping. I also buy cleaning products and vitamins through their site so I like to make one big order and get the free shipping. It usually comes in 1-2 days.

That concludes my natural beauty/personal products that I am loving right now. Please let me know of items you love. Before I posted this blog I wanted to try one more DIY Pinterest inspired treatment. You may have seen it. It claims to wipe out any dead skin from your feet. You mix a mixture of warm water, mouthwash and vinegar and place your feet in it for 10 minutes. So while I worked I used a small tub and made the mixture. I had to triple it to make it touch half way up my feet. It started to make my feet itch, which I thought that meant it was doing its magic...but no. After 10 minutes I had clean... vinegar smelling feet. No dead skin came off. Such a bummer. I was really hoping it would work because my feed are in need of some pampering.

Thanks for reading my 200th post! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts.

Products mentioned:
Andalou Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser
derma e Vitamin A Cream
Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel this is the Amazon link. It is over 8.00 which seems high, but I can't say for sure what the price would be at a grocery store or drugstore.
Spry Peppermint Toothpaste
Spry Original Kids Toothpaste

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Summer Lovin: Top 5 Interior Designers

What? Another blog post? Can you believe it? I can't, but I am trying hard to stick to my New Year Resolutions, so here you go! Yesterday, I wrote about finding your design style. I mentioned looking through magazines and online, but another great way is to follow Interior Designers that have a similar style.

I came up with a list of my top 5 Interior Designers. I have been stalking following these designers for years. They each have their own unique style that I really appreciate. There were many other honorable mentions but these ladies(yes, all ladies) are my faves!

Up first is a designer who started it all. She is the reason I am addicted to HGTV. Her name is Candice Olson. If you have not watched her shows (Divine Design and Candice Tells All) or read her books... stop what you are doing now and watch/read them and them come back and read this post. She is a designer in Canada(which most of my favorites come from there). Her design style tends to be more on the Modern side..but like many others she can do it all. I love her style because she always throws in some glamour. She has her own wallpaper line that is simply stunning. I went into a shop last year where they had her wallpaper book and I sat down and drooled over each sheet of wallpaper. I will have wallpaper very soon in my home! She always incorporates so many textures into her design. She is also very talented at sketching her room designs. Being able to envision your design is a great talent and she is definitely a pro at it.


Next, is another designer I have followed for years and saw first on HGTV. Her name is Sarah Richardson. She has a few shows as well on HGTV (Sarah 101, Design Inc and Sarah's House). I love her personality. She is so down to earth, much like Candice. She is also in Canada. Her style is more Farmhouse/Country. You may think Country is old fashioned and picture chickens and gingham...but her country is so beautiful. I love her use of old architectural pieces. While Candice uses mostly new products, Sarah uses many antique pieces. There is nothing I love more than to watch her go shopping, with her sidekick, Tommy,. Together they find the most unique pieces. She also has a modern side. She has designed some beautiful bathrooms! I can't say enough about her. She is just the best! P.S. I joined a live chat once with her and she talked to me twice...EEKKKK!!!!


Sabrina Soto is someone you probably have heard of. She is a home style expert for Target and has really stepped up Target's Home Decor. She is a young designer, based in New York. She does it all. If you watch her show The High/Low project, you will see her getting her hands dirty and building things. The premise behind her show is to design a high end look for her clients and then reproduce that look for whatever her clients' budget is. She always does a wonderful job and it is hard to find any differences between the high and low look. She also has a guy helping her, named Chris. Oh my word...if I had an assistant I would want him. He can build ANYTHING. He is so talented. Together they make pure design gold! P.S. She responded to me on Facebook...lol...it's the little things...to me those were big deals talking with my favorite designers.


Another oldie but goodie is the beautiful, Genevieve Gorder. Again, have watched her shows forever. She is the host of "Dear Genevieve' and wow...she is amazing. Her style is really influenced by her travels. She designs the most beautiful Moroccan and Turkish Baths! Her tile choices alone make her one of the best. I love all the different textures and patterns she introduces. She lives in NY and she uses all that town has to offer. I love seeing her go to these small shops and using local resources for her design jobs. Love...love...love her.


Last, but not least, is Emily Henderson. Oh my goodness she is a quirky...sweet thang! I first saw her on my favorite show "Design Star". She won and soon after got her own show: "Secrets from a Stylist". She is an amazing stylist. The way she groups items is such a talent. She is always on the search for unique items. You can find her searching Craigslist, Estate Sales and Flea Markets. Another girl I would love to go shopping with. Seriously, if I could just follow one of these ladies around I could die happy. Emily, just had a baby boy and moved into a new home. She has a wonderful blog that she keeps up to date with her latest design jobs. She uses some MCM pieces which really make me happy! Oh, and I believe she lives in L.A.

There are so many more designers that I could list. These are my favorites and have taught me so much. I also follow many designers who may not have their own tv shows but are still super talented. I will leave a link to their blogs below. They range from Farmhouse to Modern and everything in between. Like I said in my last post. I love all design, making my home beautiful for my family brings me joy. Learning from these designers also brings me a ton of happiness. Make sure to check them out and let me know who you love! I can always use more designer love in my life:).

Honorable Mentions:
Layla: http://theletteredcottage.net/
Kirsten: http://6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com/
Caitlin: http://caitlinwilson.com/blog/
Chris http://chriskauffman.blogspot.com/
Emily: http://emilyaclark.com/
Emily: http://jonesdesigncompany.com/
Sarah: http://sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Design for Beginners

If y'all didn't know I love interior design! I am in no way a professional, but I am constantly stalking my favorite designers on their blogs or reading their books to gain more knowledge. I was going to go to school back when I was preggo with Shane, but they ended up canceling the class because of lack of interest. I have a feeling if they offered it now there would be more than enough interest. I still from time to time look to see if they are offering the course. In the meantime I try to cram in as much design goodness as I can. Looking through magazines is a classic way to develop your eye for design. Back before Pinterest, I use to tear out magazine pages and store them in a binder. Now most of the images are available online.  

I thought it would be fun to talk about a few ways you can sharpen your design skills. First off, you need to know your style. You don't have to have just one. I have many and they change year to year. My home is Mid Century Modern. I have always loved antiques and vintage furniture but I was not an expert on this style. Over the past six months I have just fallen in love. There are even different design styles within Mid Century Modern design. For instance, there is a more funky and vibrant style called "Atomic". I am not super into bright colors so this style scares me a bit. I like the more muted tones MCM design offers. I love the warm wood tones of teak wood and the tapered legs that many MCM pieces boast.

So, how do you figure out your design taste? You probably have a pretty good sense already. There are many different styles but most of those fall into these categories: Modern, Contemporary, Traditional,Transitional and Eclectic.

A great way to figure it out if you are completely lost is to take a quiz. There are so many, but HGTV has a good one http://my.hgtv.com/style-finder/stylefinder.esi. I like this quiz because it has many options to choose from(except I didn't like any of the kitchens!). I took it and surprise my style is:

Your style is Mid-Century Mod

Open, airy, organic spaces, all about form and function. Sophisticated and sleek yet approachable, alluring. My home is Mid-Century Modern.
Now, before when I took this, years ago, it is was Modern Coastal. I like clean lines but not hard/sharp lines. I do not like contemporary design because it tends to be cold and has bright vibrant colors which I usually do not care for(unless in a child's room). I do like a clean simplified look which is more Modern...with a splash of vintage. I think that is why I feel in love with MCM because it is Modern and Vintage!
So.......what design style are you? I love all design....truly! Well, that is a lie...I despise Victorian...but I can appreciate the craftsmanship of a Victorian house. Once you have figured out your design style...start slipping through a magazine or search that design style on Pinterest. A few sites I highly recommend are HGTV and Houzz. They are filled with so much information. If you lean more towards warm colors and comfy furniture pieces you are most likely going to fall into one of the Traditional design styles like: Beach/Coastal or Farmhouse/Country/Rustic. If you like a more vibrant look with unique pieces you most likely will be more Contemporary or Eclectic. Some eclectic styles can even tend to be more of a world traveler look which can be Contemporary or traditional.
It may seem confusing but it really is about what you like. I have always had a wide variety in my home but Coastal pieces had a big presence in my home. My bathroom now is the only place you will see two lonely starfish that made the cut into my new favorite style of MCM.
Hope you gained a little more insight into the design world. Up next I will be talking about my favorite designers and share links to their blogs/websites!
Modern:Clean and Simple

Contemporary: Hard lines and splashes of color

Traditional: Warm and Comfy

Transitional: Mix of Traditional and Modern

Eclectic: Unique pieces/mix of patterns