Friday, March 20, 2009


It seems that the last month or so of a pregnancy there are so many ups and downs. On Wednesday I went to the doctor and he received the results of the ultrasound he had ordered from the hospital. They stated that the baby was breeched. Which of course means that I would have to have a C-Section. Dr. M decided to schedule one for April 20th. Now, I can't say that I am totally thrilled about having a C-Section. I have never had surgery before and I can't watch one being performed on tv. The recovery isn't so great either. But....the idea of knowing when I could possibly have my baby and not having to go through labor and pushing my already large baby out...makes a C-section not so bad of a thing! Of course he could move into the right position and I could go into labor earlier than the 20th...which is in one month...oh my goodness how time flies. So, there is still a lot of unknowns. Due to his is looking like he could come earlier. So, if he hasn't moved and is large, a C-section is inevitable. If he moves and I still haven't had him by the 20th, they will induce and I will probably give birth naturally to hopefully a normal size baby:)

I received an email that my crib was in on Wednesday. Scott and I were able to have some time to pick it up on Thursday. So, I got ready to go after work and waited for Scott to finish up a phone call. He mentioned to the person right before he hung up that we were headed to WalMart to pick up the crib. She said, "Oh no do not go to WalMart". Scott said it was cheaper and no delivery fees and that we didn't want to go to WalMart, but it was a better deal. She said that she didn't mean not to shop there but that she received a text that there was going to be a gang initiation at Walmart and that they would kill three women!!!! Now, normally those texts are totally false and just a rumor, but I really found it odd that Scott just happened to mention to someone he rarely talks to that we were going to pick up the crib at WALMART and that she knew about this initiation. Maybe it was true maybe not but I was not going to take any chances. I think God was watching over me:) I could have sent Scott but that didn't seem wise either. CRAZY!!! So, no crib yet. Hopefully today I can get it and not get shot at..that would be nice. The days are getting shorter and shorter as we await on the arrival of our new one. It is scary and exciting at the same time. It could be a month, a few weeks...or even days before he is home with us. It is such a wonderful blessing that amazes me all the time.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower #2

Saturday was my second baby shower at the church. The women's board did a great job decorating the room and we had some awesome cupcakes..mmmm! I believe there were about 20 women there. It was such a blessing. Shanna gave a devotional on raising Godly children. We played a nursery rhyme game and the game where you could not say the word BABY or you lost your pacifier. It was a great day and am so thankful for all the women who showed up.

The nursery is all painted and a few items are hung up(thanks to Mom and Leah). I should be getting my crib soon, as well as a glider. I have all the clothes hung. I still have soooo much to do. I am hoping I have til the 25th of April now. But he will get here when he gets here and everything will be just fine:). I bought him the cutest stuffed pony today. I couldn't resist. I haven't had to buy much thankfully. Babies are expensive. I have been so blessed to have my Mom give me a shower and then my church. I don't know how people do it with out so many people. My mother in law is giving me another shower as well after the baby is born! Too blessed:)

Early Hospital Visit

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment which I had changed from Wednesday(11th) to Tuesday(10th). I changed this to make things easier on Scott and I. I figured we would have our doctor's appointment then grab a quick bite to eat and finally head over to the hospital for our Infant Care class. Well, I went to the doctor, who then sent me to the hospital...not for the class but to be emitted for SIX HOURS! I had high blood pressure 140/90 or something like that and Dr. Marcus was concerned. So, I ended up getting to the hospital around 5:45 then waiting for a room until about 8:00. They set me up in labor and at least I got to see the accommodations that I will have when I deliver! I was set up on the baby monitor and an automatic blood pressure monitor, that took my BP every half hour. I had my blood taken, urine tested and finally an ultrasound. Everything came back great. My blood pressure was perfect every time. So, I must have just been nervous when they took my BP at the Doctor's office. What an ordeal. I have never been to the hospital, so that was a little crazy, but I was relieved that everything turned out to be ok. We finally got out of the hospital around midnight and heading back home. The ultrasound tech determined that the little one..isn't so little 6#14oz already! He also gave me an estimated due date of March 30th! Two days later I went for a follow up with my doctor who said my BP was good again and I lost a pound, so he was much happier with me. He also said, as for the weight and new due date, to pay no attention to that. We are sticking with April 25th. It has been such a roller coaster ride. Thankfully, I have had a really normal pregnancy. If I hadn't been so nervous on Tuesday it probably would have been drama free. God is definitely watching over us. Oh and we totally missed out Infant Care class so I am ordering a few movies to watch...just to put my mind at ease...because I have no idea what I am getting into:) Sorry little guy..I'll try not to mess up too much:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Due Date

I forgot to mention that after my last ultrasound they moved my due date to April 13th!!! I go to the doctor today so I will see what he has to say. I have another baby shower on Saturday at church from 2-3:30. I am so excited! Scott put together the stroller last night and car seat. It was so surreal. Only a few more weeks and I will be pushing the little guy around in it. Friday my mom and Leah are coming to paint the nursery! Then I will receive my crib that Jan ordered for me the following week. I am planning on washing some newborn items and then getting the nursery as close to being finished as possible. Lots to do! Time has flown by so fast, as I knew it would. We had our Yard Sale on Saturday finally and got rid of a lot of stuff. Making room for baby:). Oh and tonight after the doctor appointment we have a 3 hour class given by Riverside Community Hospital on Infant Care. That should be interesting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It IS a BOY!

I had my second ultrasound on Friday Feb 27th. The little guy was turned away from the camera and was sleeping. Go figure. Scott and I were a little nervous about the gender. We have heard sooo many stories that the gender was thought to be one and ended up the other. Now, I have to say we both wanted a boy first, but as long as it is a healthy baby that is all that matters in the end. So, after a long visit to the ultrasound center we left still feeling a little apprehensive about getting the nursery started and taking tags off all the cute little boy clothes I have hanging in the closet. The ultrasound tech said the girl who did my first ultrasound was an expect in OB and was certain if she said it was a boy then she was pretty confident in saying that it was. But...we needed more concrete proof. We decided to go to Fetal Focus in the Galleria at Tyler. They guarantee gender determination and if they can't you get your money back. So after lunch at Ruby's. Scott and I, along with my Mom, Jan, Gary Marthe, AJ and the girls got to see him. And YES it is for sure a boy! We received a picture confirming the fact and a profile precious. It was great to have Scott, my Mom, Jan, Marthe and even Katie there to see the little one. We only had 10 minutes of viewing so it was quick but we got what we came for. So, now it is on to decorating the nursery.....and cleaning the baby clothes!