Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's Its Name

The next logical step after finding out the gender of your baby is to choose a name. Now, if it was a girl we had that one down..Amanda Jean Gieser. We only had the one name and both loved it. Since it is a boy we had to start to come up with some other names. We had always loved the name Jack and still do..but unfortunately that name is not nickname proof. These are things you have to think of. Even though Scott says he is gonna be a tough kid..I still want to save him from any extra are cruel. We also love the name Wyatt. I have decided to do the nursery in a western theme so this would be perfect. Leave it to me to name our kid just so he will match his room..oh brother!!! Then Scott also mentioned the name Shane. Now, I have to say that has always been one of my favorites, but I could have sworn Scott did not like it. So, now we have Jack, Wyatt and Shane at this point. Jack is pretty much off the list but I still love it.

We have begun at this point, well who am I kidding, for a year now our families have chosen names that they like. Let me give you an example: Gary (Scott's Dad) is obsessed with the name, Ezekiel Zacharias Gieser. Ezekiel isn't that bad but along with Zacharias..oh no!!! The reasoning behind this name is the nickname that comes along with it..EZ Gieser! Hahahaha..oh man I am sorry but I don't want my son to be know as easy! Good effort though Gary:) Most recently Jan came up with the name Deacon. Not too bad but Scott is really liking it. So, after all this I think we are pretty much left with Wyatt and Shane. We decided that we will wait until he is born to see what the little guy looks like and then make our decision. Since we already know the sex I think it will be great to have that anticipation of naming him the day we see his sweet little face!
Until then the family has decided to call him "What's Its Name". Or more affectionately known as WIN:)

Oh's a boy!

I think most people have a preference to the gender of their first born. Of course, the main hope is to have a healthy baby no matter the gender. Scott and I both wanted a boy. I always wanted an older brother and Scott loves having his older brother. Then if we have a girl we have a body guard and spy built in. Girls scare me..really they do. All that Princess talk and major attitude..awwhh..believe me I know. I love being a, clothes, design..PINK!!! It is all great but I think being a boy mom would be the best ever. Not so much drama involved:) So, we went into out first ultrasound appointment hoping for a boy. I was a little over 15 weeks and the tech said it might be a little too soon to tell..oh's a boy! Now, Scott was not in the room at this point I wanted to scream and be all giddy about it but it was just me and the tech. That kind of ruined the moment. I wish I would have asked her to wait to tell the both of us. Once Scott got into the room I was so excited to tell him. He asked if it was too early as well and the tech asked if I wanted to tell him. So, I said "Do you really want to know". He replied,"of course". "It's a boy!" I exclaimed. We saw the first pictures of our new little miracle. It was so amazing. We saw him cough. He even covered his mouth while doing it..Scott said he already has manners. I found this amazing little poem that I framed with the little ones ultrasound picture under it:
We treasure this first glimpse of you; the amazing miracle of life is true.
So small, yet awesome in what you'll become, grow strong and healthy our little one.
We are here, dreaming and waiting, wishing, preparing and anticipating. Each day a step closer to life anew, each day a touch closer to holding you