Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rise and Shine!

Are you a morning person? You know the type the rises and shines. The type that wakes up, puts on a pot of coffee, goes for a morning jog, showers, reads the paper and eats a nutritious breakfast??? I am NOT. In fact if you try to wake me up and I am not ready you may get punched in the face or kicked "accidentally". I have never been a morning person, but I really, really, really want to be. 

Working from home does not help my horrible morning skills. I wake up 10 minutes before I have to clock in. Shortly after Shane wakes up and I frantically try to through some sort of breakfast together. It is just not a good way to start the morning. I know that I may never be one to wake up at 5 or heck even 6 but if I could just get in a morning exercise and read a devotion that would be AWESOME! 

I am a night owl. I love staying up late. It has wreaked havoc on my life though. I am normally in bed by midnight. Which still gives me about 7 plus hours of sleep, once I do fall asleep. So, what am I going to do about this you may ask???? Well, I saw a new series on of my favorite websites that I follow called "Make the Most of your Mornings". I quickly ignored that post, even though it was something I have been wanting to change. I did not want to "be inspired" about my morning situation. I enjoy my sleep thank need to go and read how the others live in the wee hours of the morning. Then I saw another post(it is a 3 week series). Ok, ok I will check it out. It. was. amazing! They are on day 12 I believe. The writer, Money Saving Mom, gives you a very simple plan to follow to get in gear in the morning. It all really starts with your nights. One of the first things she asked us to do was to set a bed time...what??? You mean be an adult and go to bed at a sensible time? How could this possibly make me less of a monster in the morning? 

So, I decide to try it. I set my alarm for 7:30, twenty minutes before I normally get up (go big or go back to sleep..right!!!). Well, it did not go well...I fell back asleep and woke up 10 minutes after 8. URGGGHHHH. But...I decided not to let that ruin my other plans. I started working and what is really strange is my son slept until 9:30 so I got to work uninterrupted for a good hour and a half! If I would have woken up at 7:30 I could have had even more time to get some things done before I started work at 8. I have to say though I kept my attitude positive and had a really productive day. I printed out a daily task sheet or to-do list from Money Saving Mom's website that was really helpful. 

I decided that my new bedtime would be anywhere from 10-11pm. With my new wake up time of 7am that would give me 9-10 hours of sleep. Which in reality gives me more sleep time. My brain doesn't quite get the concept yet. I think going to be early(which 10 would be wayyyyy early to me) and waking up early, no matter how much more sleep I am getting, is just sooo hard. But in the end I know I will be more equipped to take on the day.

So here is my new schedule. I haven't begun to come close to mastering it...but that is ok. Baby steps. Shoot if I get dressed before noon that will be a huge accomplishment in itself. I feel like such a grown-up!!!!

7:00: WAKE UP and get dressed
Feed the dog
Make a cup o' tea
Turn on sprinklers
Make breakfast or some sort of book
Work out ( I will switch this up..reading one day..working out the next)
7:50:  Start to log on for work
10am : Break time...start laundry
12:00:: Lunch for Shane and I 
Put laundry in dryer
clean up kitchen
check emails and Etsy shop
12:30: back to work
2:30 Break time Clean something:) or do bills
4:30 Stop working!!!
Prep for dinner
6:00 Eat dinner
clean up
start dishwasher
8:00 Bath time for Shane
9:30 Nigh Nigh time for Shane
Pick up the house 
Prep for tomorrow's meals
Wash face/prep for bed
Write or do something relaxing

Now obviously there are other little things that are on my to-do list that I did not add. Each day it will change depending on what I am doing that week and what needs to be cleaned. If you need to get your days in better order I highly recommend that you follow this 3 week series. You can start at any time. Making the most of your mornings really do set the tone for your day. If I can do it...anyone can do it:)!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Until we meet again...

Writing for me is therapeutic. I write about life..happy and sad. Unfortunately, tonight I am writing this post after the passing of my wonderful father in law this morning. My heart isn't just aching it is broken...crushed really. I write this more for myself. It will heal a bit of my broken heart. Not saying that I am a "writer". A writer would know where to put these (.) or these(,). I am so far from being able to ever call myself a tonight I write this a blessed daughter in law. A daughter in law that learned what true love for a person really looked like.

First father in law...Gary...LOVED my sweet mother in law. I mean how can you not. If you ever saw the two of them together there was no denying they had true love. They were married for 37 years and you would think they were still in that honeymoon stage. Gary would sing to my mother in law, Jan, and she stared at him with tears in her eyes and pure joy. It blessed her soul and he loved making her happy. Hearing her share the little things they did for eachother and with eachother made me proud to have married Gary's son, as I know he had an awesome example of what it meant to love your spouse.

Next...he loved his boys. Now lets get real he was not a softy...unless it came to his family:). He was so proud of his boys. The dynamic the three of them had was so fun to watch. From the debates...the working in the grove or on the hot rods... he cherished every minute of it. I love that each of the boys have different character qualities that are just like their dad. Gary's best days were spent with AJ and Scott just tinkering.

Gary would always joke with us daughter in laws about who was his favorite based on who had made him the last dessert. I would make him these half sugar oatmeal cookies. He loved them because they had less sugar than most cookies. I would give anything to be able to make those for him again. He was my cooking buddy. It was our common interest and to be able to cook with him last night as he made us all stir fry was a gift from God. Marthe, my sister in law, made him the last dessert so I am sure she was his favorite! He told us both so many times how happy he was for his boys to marry us. This was so encouraging.

Lastly, he looooved his Grandkids! I can't even begin to describe the joy he had in his heart when he was with Katie, Siena, Shane and Declan. He recently bought a car seat for his car so he could pick Shane up and take him places. Shane was his best buddy. I think Shane appreciated his "stuff" more than anyone self. He loved it when Grandpa would let him play with his tools. Shane was his right hand man. I am most sad about the memories that will no longer be had between Shane and Grandpa. I am very grateful for the memories that were had though. Telling people that Gary had passed away today was so hard...but telling Shane was the hardest. I didn't know how to tell him honestly. The only person I have ever lost in my family, that I was somewhat close to, was my 99 year old Great Grandfather. So, I mentioned Grandpa was sick and that he would not be there when we got to the house. This was something that he has dealt with before though...the only difference is that Grandpa would get better and come back home. After a long day I was putting on his jammies and he said, "Where is Uncle"? I told him he was still here...he proceeded to ask where Aunt Mar Mar was and Grandma...I told him they were still here as well. He then asked, "where is Grandpa"? My heart dropped. I knew now was the time. I said Grandpa is not here, he is with Jesus. He got this frustrated look on his face saying "No he needs to leave His house and come back here." I told him Jesus is taking care of him and He loves Grandpa! He wasn't having it...a little jealous Jesus was with Grandpa. He said..."he just needs to take his medicine and be alive". Wow..out of the mouth of a child. His cousins had explained to him what had happened and that was so much better to come from them and in a way he could understand as much as he could. Again, Gary's Grandkids had no lack of love. They had this game that Grandpa made up...he had a glass jar filled with jelly beans. He would give them some if he got some kisses from the kids. They thought it was great as they got jelly beans and Gary thought it was great because he got kisses!!!

I started to write something on facebook, but I just couldn't sum it all up in a few words(obviously). Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. If you still have your daddy give him a big hug the next time you see him. I thank God for the wonderful memories I have made as a Gieser. We will do our best to continue on as Gary would have wanted. So...until we meet again...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nautical 30th

A few weeks ago I turned 30...YIKES! I decided months ago that I 
 would plan my own party. It was so much fun. I got to do everything just they way I would want. I went with a nautical theme after seeing this pic:

I love all things nautical. This color palette was more sophisticated than the traditional blue and red nautical scheme. I called up my graphic designing sister(which by the way...if you do not have one of should get one...they are awesome). I told her my basic ideas and she designed this(more to come about this invite and some exciting news)!!!!:

My In-laws graciously let me use their beautiful home for the party. I could go on and on with a ton of pics but I will share just a few:) Overall it was a wonderful night. I am so thankful for all who came to celebrate my 30th bday!

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

See how I made these here

Love that this fence was perfect for my banner and life preserver!

Awesome plates from Michael's dollar section! Used my living room art as a backdrop.

Used a sand pail to make an arrangement with some spray roses, baby's breath and alstroemeria and a "sail away" sign(again from Michael's dollar section) for my centerpieces. Used navy and white striped napkins from Sur la table and the little votive containers are from Target:).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I wish I was one of those super health conscious people. You know the ones that get joy from eating healthy and that like to eat their veggies. I am NOT. I am getting better but, I am slowly inching away from my veggies, as if they wont notice my absence. My body sure does. I am eating at least one vegetable a day but that is definitely not enough. My lack of meal planning and going to the grocery store hasn't helped my new healthy lifestyle either. 

I HATE grocery shopping. I would much rather live on Top Ramen and have that money I would have spent on groceries and spend it on a new pillow or some cute shoes. But alas...I may not make it to 40 if I lived on Top Ramen alone.
With that said my goal this week is to take the time to plan out all my meals and try to enjoy my shopping experience. This really helped when I first started (five weeks ago...can you believe it??!!).

 I have hit a major rut and am at a stand still with my weight loss. I know what to do...just actually doing it is the hard part. And no I did not exercise once...moving on...nothing to see here....I know I know...JUST DO IT!!!!

So, I thought it would be fun this week to share some things that I am really loving right now. A lot of blogs do that weekly and it is really fun and I want to join them in their fun. Also, Weigh In Wednesday is not always going to be about weight loss...because that is a bit boring. So here it favs this week....

If you don't must follow Michaela Noelle Designs
She has a post every week where a guest blogs about what they love and hate (She loves me/She loves me not) which is where I got this idea. She is living my dream and going to design school. Super sweet girl...with lots of great advice. Check her blog will love it.

Party Planning:
I love parties at all times...not just this week. I just planned my 30th bday and had so much fun. My favorite website to get ideas from right now is: Loralee Lewis She is an amazing paper designer and event stylist. Just look at this cute Kitty Cat Collection she made for a little girl's bday!!!

TV: Did you watch season 7 of Design Star???  It is my favorite show of all time. I really wanted Britany to win...but Danielle's show looks great! I get depressed when it is over. But, HGTV loves me...really... they even have a commercial that says" HGTV loves summer":) Anyways...they have a new show called Design Star All Stars! So...I get a few more weeks of all the Design Star wonderfulness...Happy Summer!
Proof they love me!!!

There you have it just a few things that are brightening up my summer. What are somethings you are loving right now????