Friday, April 4, 2014

Summer Lovin:Friday Favorites

Can I just say how much I LOVE having a computer again??!! I was lost without it! I am super excited to be blogging about a new post I will be doing every week (hopefully). I want to share some things that I am loving! It could be clothing, makeup, food, a TV show or something totally random. These are some of my favorite posts to read so I am looking forward to doing these weekly!

This week I am lovin':
I just received my second box today!  I get a variety of fruits and veggies. Since there is just the three of us, I get the smallest box once a month(you can get it weekly) and it is perfect. I love that they drop it off right at your door! You can change the size of the box each month and what goes in your box (you can do all fruit or all veggies). They even have add on items like organic pasture-raised eggs. So far the organic produce has been fresh and delicious! If you are interested click this link and enter the promo code 6164 and then share my first and last name(Summer Gieser) and you will get 10.00 off you first order. You can cancel after your first box but, I am sure you will get hooked like me:). 

Sleek Flip Flops only 8.80 at F21! These are so cute and come in a variety of colors.
At that price you could get one in every color!

I spied this little beauty at Target this week! I had her in my hand but put her down. I think I may need to go back. It is from the "Oh Joy" collection. 

 This has been my go-to all week long. It is a loose pigment by MAC in the shade Tan. It is so shimmery and  gorgeous on the eye alone or you can add some MAC Fix+ or eye drops to your makeup brush to make it look foil-like!

I have been trying really hard to eliminate chips and crackers from my daily life.  I found this popcorn to satisfy my crunchy needs. It is Gluten Free and low in calories. It has only three ingredients: Organic Popcorn, Organic Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt. I found mine at Vons but then saw a huge bag at Costco. I have to say the smaller bags taste much better???

This my friends is Sam Smith. His voice gets me every time. I suggest you listen to this with your love. It is so romantic and he sings it with such emotion. Oh my...I can't even!!!! I saw him on SNL and immediately fell in love with his music. You're welcome!

Happy Friday! Hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will be back next Friday to share with you some more items I am loving!