Thursday, April 24, 2014

Living Room Design Ideas

Recently, I had the opportunity to give some design advice to a few friends. If you know me, this is my favorite thing to do. It takes me awhile to envision the space. I do not have the gift of seeing a plan right away, but with some time I can put together something that isn't too bad. I love the design site Olioboard. You can upload your own photos or use participating retailers items to plan out any space you have. My friend recently bought an amazing home and it was a blank canvas. She had The Hubs and I over and asked for our advice on their Living Room. The home has beautiful wood ceilings and beams. The room also has a wall of windows and sliding glass doors that open up to the most spectacular view. We went on a shopping trip to Z Gallerie. How fun is that? Her and her husband found a sofa they loved and I worked that into one of my designs. Here is what I came up with for their open living room:

Ocampo Living Room

This is not the correct layout but just a basic design direction. I love the pops of green, as they play well with the outside. The rug and artwork are my favorites. The great thing about Olioboard is it shows you where you can purchase everything and for how much. If I were a fancy schmancy designer this would have cost my clients around 10,000 but luckily you can find many of these items for a lot less. 

ocampo #2

This design is with another couch and also shows some different chair options. The rug is a little more playful in this design. I chose to switch out the green from the previous design and show them what it looks like with yellow and blue. This also mixes different textures and metals which add a lot of warmth to a room.

They haven't started designing yet but I am looking for some items for them and hopefully I can help make their already fabulous home even more fab! If anyone else needs some help with decorating a space in your place:) just let me know. I do not charge... yet...I just love it. I am not a professional but I need to put all this info floating around in my brain to work. I love working with what people already have as well. Sometimes new eyes on a room can bring new light to it.