Monday, July 15, 2013

Healthy Nom Noms

I don't know why I get back into my unhealthy eating habits. Well, actually I know why because junk food tastes great, but makes me feel like an 80 year old. My anxiety starts to get worse. My body aches and my hormones go cray cray!!! So, now that I am all settled in our new home (which I will post about later) I need to start eating healthier.

I had my kitchen all packed up as I thought we were moving a week earlier than we we ate out for lunch and dinner EVERYDAY! about feeling like my body was a trash can at a fast food joint. I lost five pounds because I was running around like crazy for the move...but once things slowed did my metabolism and I gained it all back. I woke up one morning all puffy. I also packed all my tanning supplies and so I truly looked liked a marshmallow.

My first shopping trip was great. I loaded up on veggies and fruit. I decided to make this recipe I found on Pinterest for a Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad! Yum Yum!!! It was so good. I didn't use all of the same ingredients. I used an orange bell pepper, zucchini, garlic and red onion. I think mushrooms would be a great addition as well. Anyways, if you like quinoa this is a winner! I also wanted this for dinner so, I added some cubes of chicken, that I cooked up. It was filling and so tasty!

***P.S. I was so excited to eat this I forgot to make the dressing for it. It was great without it but I will have to make it next time.

***P.S.S. I also am using my new my pics will look less like a 2 year old took them:)

My new stove:) It is electric...but so far I haven't had any issues making the switch from gas.
Healthy Nom Nom