Friday, April 26, 2013

Mirror Mirror....

I love cooking and baking. It gives me so much joy. It is relaxing when I am in the zone of whipping up a new recipe or a well-loved favorite. As many of you know I went to Culinary School. I am by no means a "pro" but it is a passion of mine. Lately, it has been a bit overshadowed by my other passion of Interior Design. I could seriously live on The Cooking Channel, Food Network and HGTV alone! I don't watch cooking shows as often though because they make me sooooo hungry. Although, design shows aren't too nice for my wallet!

Anyways, I also follow a ton of design blogs. I love all the pretties! My mom loves design as well and passed that down to me. Our house was always very well designed. I would often come home with the furniture all rearranged...this happened a few times a year:). I have to say this happens quite often in my home too.  Design changes every year and it can be overwhelming. I can't keep up with the changes every year...but I do try to bring in a few pillows or a new art piece. Thankfully the world wide web is full of great inexpensive options(many times DIY) for the ever changing styles. 

My style is evolving. I use to be what I call "Modern Coastal" but that was a bit too cluttered for me and a little too themey. I don't like themes in homes.Let me show you an example:
This would be "themey". Way too much going on here. just the right amount of nautical goodness:).
I also realized all the rooms in my house are all different styles. I have a nautical scheme in my family room...coastal in the bathroom(both rooms are guilty of being "themey"...Mod Glam in my bedroom and a little world traveler in the other rooms. Oh, and I can't forget a little Superhero going on in Shane's room:). Honestly, I would love to get rid of almost everything and start over!!!! (If we get our new house I just might get to do that:)).

So, what is MY style??? I have to also consider my husband's taste. I mean I should right??? He lives here too...but quite frankly I have taken over and I don't think he really likes any part of our home...sorry babe! I really like the classics...but with a modern flair. I don't like a lot of "stuff" but I do not like sleek and modern...or a bunch of hard lines. I am pretty traditional. I love old pieces that are made to look new. Our new home that we may be getting is Mid-Century. Noooooow...I have to say I appreciate a certain type of Mid-Century. Definitely I lean more towards the Modern side of it. There are some 60's and 70's influences that I can do without. My favorite thing is that it is considered vintage and to design a Mid-Century Modern home you have to go thrifting!!!!! 

Mid-Century is very natural. Uses a lot of earth tones.

How I wished we still lived! Men in suits and women in dresses...YES!

What I do not like about Mid-Century...except I want that cat! The furniture isn't too bad...but all that crazy art is no bueno for me.

With all that said, for now, my style is, Traditional...with a splash of Modern(if that makes any sense)..mix in some coastal elements and a sprinkle of GLAM! That sounds awful now that I think of it and a bit like I have design ADD. The truth is I just love all design. Whether it is Mid-Century or Country I can appreciate it all...except Victorian....just NO!

Any who...the whole point of this post was to show you my latest FB Group find!!!! I got a little distracted along the way but here it is: this is what I bought for 20.00 from a girl on the FB group I am apart of that sell a virtual yard sale! 
It ended up on my mantel for now. It is very simple and modern. This is the style I am trying to lean towards so hoping it will look great in whatever house we end up in. Nothing fancy:). 

Annnnnndddd this was my inspiration. I just happen to be drooling over this design by Emily Henderson(one of my top five fav designers). I loved this mirror. My mirror is stainless steel and I really like it but.... can always add a little gold rub and buff. We shall see. Something are better left alone in their original state(like many Hollywood faces).

So, there it is. I should have offered a lower amount. I did not realize it sold for 34.99 new at IKEA..but 20.00 is still better than 34.99. The best part of the whole thing....The Hubs likes it and HE suggested we go to IKEA this weekend!!!! Those are the best words he has ever uttered through his lovely lips!!!! I knew I loved this guy!!!

So, I have to know what is your style????? Country, Modern, Mid-Century, Traditional, Transitional....etc.....