Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girl Talk: summer summer summer tiiiimmmme

Hello there beautiful peoples! I am still obsessed with makeup tutorials on youtube!!! I mean really when is it going to end??? I realized I only have time for one hobby in my life at a time (pathetic..I know..I am not a multi-tasker kinda gal). So last year it was coupons...this year it is makeup. Although, coupons save me money and makeup costs...a ton...I can use coupons on my makeup at the see I can focus on two things at once. I actually got a really good deal on some Smashbox items a few days ago. Smashbox is my favorite makeup to use at the moment. I will tell you all about my "deal" in a bit.

So, I don't know about you...but I sweat like a pig during the summer. Especially, this summer. I normally have skin more on the dry side...but not in the summer. It is a greasy mess. I usually lose weight in the summer...woo woo...because I am pretty sure I sweat a pound a day. I actually have no idea if that is how you lose weight, as weight loss is not one of the hobbies I have been too great at. I went to the gym once though!!! Yes...once...I have commitment issues. Ok...there I go again rambling. Back to makeup.

With it being so hot. I kind of gave up wearing foundation....until....I started using my Primer and BB Cream from Smashbox. My foundation actually sticks to my face all day!!! I also got a sample of Smashbox's 15 hour foundation...ohhh gurrrl...let me tell you...this stuff stays!!! Let me run down the amount of products I have on my is a bit ridiculous..but I just turned 31 and I am convinced every year older you get past 30 you have to add another 5 products to your routine. "30's were my best years" they say "It only gets better" mmmhmmm...ya'll are crazy. My thirties have given me nothing but gray hair, bags and droopiness!!!

Face Products/routine:

1.Primer- this feels like velvet on yo face! Ahhhhhh.
Source- I also just read you can use this to tame your frizzy hair!!! It has Vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea.

2. BB Cream- this is a newer product it can be used all by it self and really smooths out my skin and adds a little coverage. It is a little thicker than foundation and usually has SPF. This one I use has SPF 35! Great for a simple summer look..or anytime of the year.
Source- I have this in Light. This is 39.00...sayyyy whaaa? But I joined their Pretty Points Reward program. I got a free full size lip gloss(they run specials on tues and thurs) a deluxe sample of their mascara(for my bday) and got to choose two samples. Otherwise, I would never spend 39.00 on BB Cream..I love you and all but NO!

3. Foundation- Lately, I have been mixing two. I am a little bit darker than my normal marshmallow self so I got a sample of Smashbox's 15 hour foundation and mix it with my Mary Kay foundation.

Source- I don't have the full size of this. I got a sample with my order. I reallly lurrvve it though!
Source- Great foundation...just wish it had an SPF. I do have enough in my other products so that works.

4. Set with powder. Powder is important because it keeps everything in it's place. Otherwise it would melt off your face quicker than the bad witch on The Wizard of OZ...I'm melting...I'm melting.I don't use anything special. I use CoverGirl's pressed powder. If anyone has a good setting powder let ya girl know!

I obviously have many other products I use but this is the base. It is always good to set a good base or "foundation" to allow your other products to go on smoothly and stick in place.

Stay cool. K.I.T and have an .....awesome summer:)


Hello, orange camera decided it liked this setting all of the sudden. Photography...another hobby I have not spent any time on!!!
Falsies!!! These drive me crazy...but I have the straightest...shortess lashes ever!
And now I feel really vain for posting so many selfies...but I actually did my makeup and am dressed before I had to document it:)