Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome to my Kitchen

I haven't blogged in so long I decided to do two posts today! The reason for not posting more is due to the fact that we moved!!! It was a six month process, but we are finally in our beautful home. It is so nice to not have to rent any more. God blessed us with the home we rented, but it just never felt like ours...because it wasn't!

I will show you a few pics of my favorite room in the house...the kitchen. Our home is a Mid Century Modern. Apparently, this is all the rage right now. We have been on the hunt for MCM furniture for awhile now and it is so expensive. Everyone wants it and so people spike up the prices. Lucily we have found some amazing pieces for cheap. It is a style I am not too familiar with so it has been fun learning about it and meeting other crazy MCM fanatics.

Anyways, as you can tell I have a lot to write about. Hopefully, I can finish all the deor soon and remember to get shots of everything.

Once I get everything picked up I will post better pics. Love my counterspace! Oh how I have missed you!

The wood wall was one of the selling features for me on this home and the counterspace...did I mention that I love my counterspace:) Oh and no grout lines. My last place had tile EVERYWHERE...this house only has tile counters in the bath room. Everything else is a solid surface. Hallelujah!!!!
 Since, I love my new kitchen..I have been enjoying cooking again. I added some butter into a pan with some olive oil. Added the bread...mozzarella..tomatoes and then spinach (but pretend it is basil). Added the top piece of bread and toasted each side. Put in the over at 350...for 10 minutes and viola...melted cheesy action in full affect. This is a Caprese Sandwich. You could also add a pesto to this(however I forgot the most important ingredient, basil). Hope you try won't be disappointed.