Monday, February 25, 2013

Growing Pains

I remember my brother getting horrible growing pains in his legs when he was younger. He was such a tall kid. Shane is his little mini me. Shane has always been in the upper percentile for his height. did not surprise me that for about a month straight he complained about the back of his knees hurting and then all of the sudden his pants no longer fit him. Poor kid...I told him he was growing and he was super stoked about that. But this is not about his growing pains this is about my growing pains. Just keepin' it real here. After I told Shane he was growing...he said to me "Mama you and Daddy don't want me to get bigger, huh?" That is right Bubba...Just Stay Little. 

I have a little frame that has that saying "Just stay little" in his room. Well, I guess I should say I had that little frame in his room until today. For today, Shane got his "big boy room". It was hard when I moved him into his big boy bed awhile back but I still kept a lot of the Cowboy decor. I just added in a few things from Toy Story, since that was his favorite movie at the time. Woody is a cowboy so I could deal with that. I am not into kid rooms being plastered with a certain character...but I want Shane to love his he did have a Toy Story comforter even though Mama thought it totally messed up the Vintage Cowboy vibe I was going for. 

 I normally am ecstatic to redecorate any room...but this room...not so much. I knew that it meant I would have to pack up his horses, his hand prints and foot prints and anything that had to do with being a Lil' Buckaroo. I would then have to put up the Superhero decor. (That is what we settled on. I am going more for an industrial/city look...but there are a few appearances of Iron Man and Captain America). MAN...was this tough. Growing pains for sure...for Mama. Shane will be four in just 7 weeks:(. He is still little but not little little. He can do so much for himself and doesn't need my help. Most days I am super grateful for that..but other days it is sad. I am excited to see him grow and learn. I have loved every stage of his life and it just keeps getting better. So, just in case you have not yet made that switch from baby to big boy or girl forewarned it is rough. I was super cheesy and did a "client" reveal with Shane like you see on HGTV. I shut the door and told him when it was ready. He ran in and said "this is awesome!!!!" If he hated it I was ready to put everything back problem:). It is not anywhere near done...but I had a few things that I had been collecting over the past year and decided to hang all of his art. We are hoping to move until we have a place I don't want to buy any furniture until I know the space he will have. 

So glad he thought his room was "awesome". I caught him pretending to be a Superhero tonight...jumping on his bed.... in his cape....saving the world!

This I got for free! I also already had a poster frame hanging around so it was completely free! It was Shane's favorite!

I bought an old comic book awhile back at a thrift shop and tore out some pages (Shane was mortified)...hey it was all in the name of design! I used some leftover fabric to cover up a memo board I wasn't using and used push pins to pin the pages up and voila! ART:) sister in law bought Shane these coloring pages and I instantly thought that is going on Shane's wall! I did go out and buy Shane another one because that would be kind of cruel to take away his gift and say he couldn't color it. Although I could do it in the name of design again...but that would have been pushing it:) Oh and I had the frame already that fit it perfect..which is crazy because it was an odd size. I say God was rewarding me for not purchasing anything yet until I absolutely have to. I think all three of these piece cost like 2.00!!! 

Ok now to leave you with the saddest picture ever taken! We were visiting with Scott's Aunt tonight, as she is going to be heading home tomorrow morning. She got all the Grand-kids presents. Shane got Superhero jammies...which of course he LOVED! When I got home I realized his jammie drawer was packed to the brim. I needed to take out a pair...then....there they were...his Woody jammies. Seriously!!! Those are the only pair in there that are way too short and I was holding onto because they are just so darn cute. But, it was time. I pulled them out and Shane was like..."what are you doing?". I told him I had to make room and these do not fit you any more. He then proceeded to grab them and do this: 

Not making this up folks. It was super sweet though. Almost like he was telling me it was ok...he is still little and will always be my Lil' Buckaroo!