Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Is In The Air

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Or are you like my husband and think it is a ridiculous holiday where they hike up the prices 300% on flowers, jewelry and chocolate??? I for one LOVE V-day. Mainly because there is lots of pink floating around and I usually get flowers...not on V-day but after when they are back to a normal price. I have never been very romantic...but in the last few years... as I grow older... I really am and The Hubs is adjusting. Oh and he has also learned that I DO NOT like red roses. They are boring to me...I know they symbolize love and all, but my favorite are pink roses or any other unique flower like these beauties:
Blush Peonies...ohhhhh...pitter patter

My love language is receiving gifts. The Hubs finds this hilarious. I told him it does not have to be a new Ted Baker purse that I happened to see and fall in love with which you can find here in case my Valentine is reading this and maybe wants to surprise the love of his life, the mother of his adorable son and hard working wife who makes him dinner and cleans the house(on occasion) and loves him dearly. Oh...where was I does not have to be a fancy purse...but a simple card would do or a little trinket that he bought (not on his way home on V-day) but weeks before. Something with some thought behind it. 

****I do have to say there is a gift waiting for me that The Hubs purchased for me on a business trip to Monterey...which I am really excited about. I don't care what it is...just the fact that he thought of me and got me something is super sweet!

So what are your plans? As much as I love V-day I really don't like going out on the actual day. It is soooo crowded. I think we are going to have a quiet night at home...with the 3 of us. I was browsing V-day pins on Pinterest and came across some cute ideas!

First...we must talk about the sweets! Here are some of my favorites:
These could be made super quick with a package mix. Great idea for a teacher gift too...wrapped in cellophane:)

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore!

Now let's get crafty!
There was not a source for this pic. I think this is a super easy and inexpensive project. Find some doilies at the Dollar Store or a craft store and add to string, yarn or ribbon. Hang from your bedroom door or your child's so when they wake up they have a "heart attack". 
Can you feel the LOVE? This year marks our 10 year wedding anniversary and I fall more in love with The Hubs everyday! I love talking with him and sharing my life with him. He is encouraging and always puts others first. He has made my life better and I am so blessed to have him as my Valentine!