Friday, March 15, 2013

I heart spray paint

I think I love spray paint so much because I need results quick! I love paint in general. It can transform a room into something spectacular (or if the wrong color..something not so great). Spray paint though is my best friend when it comes to painting wood. I have used spray paint on quite a few of my furniture pieces in my home.

A few weeks back The Hubs and I went to Sur la table. If you do not know about this place and love to cook or have to go!!!! I had a gift card that I still had not used so I was dying to go. So, anyways...this has nothing to do with Sur la table...but actually Z Gallerie! Which is an amazing contemporary furniture and decor store, that happened to be across the street. Again, if you have not been...drop everything and go NOW! We were in the market for a new couch and The Hubs actually wanted to go I jumped on the chance. While we were there I spotted this fancy schmancy tic tac toe set.

 It was fabulous! It was also 39.95, which isn't bad...but I really didn't need matter how much my little shopping devil tried to convince me I did. So I left without it...but still kept thinking about it from time to time. I thought of its beautifully lacquered self...all white and glossy. Its modern take on a classic childhood game. Now fast forward to yesterday...which I guess you would have to fast forward and then go back a bit since it is today...sorry...I over think things sometimes. Anyways, I spotted this little guy on a group I am apart of on Facebook, that sells items...kind of like a virtual garage sale!

I was super excited...because what are the chances that I could find something so random as a wooden tic tac toe set in the group??? There was one person ahead of me and she I swooped it up and arranged for a pickup. Oh and I forgot it was only 5 smackaroos!!!! The one I have is a little smaller and the top you see actually slides off of a box and the x's and o's can be stored in it. I could have left it alone as it was in good shape...but I had the need...the need to spray paint:). I just happened to have some glossy white and gray. so I went with it. And here he is......

 I have to really did not need to be spray painted:( I think I may have been so obsessed with spray painting that I didn't even stop to think...hey this looks good as is. Or maybe I should have just painted the x's and o's???? Or maybe once I get a coat of Poly on it I will change my mind or I might paint the o's darker or scrap the gray and go for gold????? I do love it(lies) ...but I am having spray painters remorse. What have I done????!!!!!!