Friday, February 15, 2013

Girl Talk

If you love makeup than this post is for you! If you don't know much about makeup or it just isn't something you are really into, this post is for you. I personally LOVE makeup. Maybe because I grew up with it. My mom was a makeup artist before I was born and even had her own makeup cool is that!?! I usually play it safe with my makeup...but I do like to mix it up from time to time. I know as a mom brushing my teeth each morning is a huge accomplishment(which reminds me...)so the idea of "painting my face" everyday is hard to imagine. me you will feel so much better. I promised myself a few months back that I would wake up for a full week and get ready...that meant getting dressed(silly I know..but I was in my pj's til noon some days), doing my hair (not just throwing it up in a ponytail) and putting on my makeup. I did it and felt sooo much better about myself and was ready for the day. Also...I didn't look like I just rolled out of bed at noon.

Since I work from home I am not forced to really get ready for the day. I am stuck at home until 4:30. I do have to pick up my son on Tuesdays and I try to not look like a hot mess on those days. I have a 5 minute face, 10 minute face and a 30 minute face. 5 minute face is no foundation and just concealer(my must have) eye makeup and some blush. There is nothing pretty about under eye circles. It must be my German blood because my under eye circles are insane! Do you have that must have makeup item??? My other is eyeliner and mascara!

I wanted to have a weekly "Girl Talk" post. Thought it would be something fun and informative(not that I am an expert or anything) but I have been watching a ton of You Tube videos...which I will post a link to at the end. I also read a lot of websites about makeup and blogs as well. There are a few new items that I have tried and a few that I want to try so I will give some reviews on those. This week I wanted to focus on brushes.

If you do not have good brushes... applying your makeup can be very frustrating. I used to work for The Body Shop and got a great set from them years ago. Of course, there are a million different brushes out on the market and it is honestly overwhelming. Not everyone will need all of the same brushes but here is my basic list of brushes that I use and work great for me.
Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush

First off this is my new fav...I just got it in the mail today and tried it for the first time and love it!!! It was a little bit pricey but in the long run it isn't all that much. I wanted to buy this to replace the sponges that I normally use to apply my foundation on with. Now, I have to say I still love my sponges...but they don't last long and they suck up a lot of product so that is why the 16.00 that I spent on this Kabuki brush is worth it. Also, the girl who recommended it, on YouTube, always looked like she had an airbrushed look. She gave all the credit to this brush by Sigma. I did not have to use a lot of product and it went on very quickly. I had used a smaller foundation brush by E.L.F. and it just took too long to apply and over time got very grimy...yuck! Although I only have used this once, I really like it. I just put a little foundation on the back of my hand and stippled the brush in it and on my face as well. Stippling(dabbing like motion) really gets that airbrush look you want. You shouldn't look like you have a thick layer of foundation on.


 I am still anxious to try the new blenders. Have you guys tried these? Maybe it isn't new...I seem to be about a year or two behind all the trends! You actually get these wet(if you want or can leave dry) and then wring them out and use to blend on your foundation and concealer. I am thinking I will love this because it is like a sponge and you can wash it out and use for a long time. Definitely my next purchase... I will review it for ya:).

Wow...this post is already long so I am just going to list a few more brushes I personally love:
Slanted Brush...this one I love for smoothing out my eyeliner and making it look less harsh.

This is a blender brush...this is by e.l.f. for 1.00! I bought this brand because I wasn't sure if I really needed this brush but I really like it. If you wear a few different colored eye shadows I like this to blend the two or three together at the line where they meet so there is not a definite line.
And like are the links to some You Tube videos. I apologize in advance... most of the girls who do these videos are a bit silly...but super cute and have a lot of great ideas.
Great video on applying foundation....super long:) 
This is super great for a quick natural look!

That is it for the first GIRL TALK post...hope you enjoyed! Let us know what brushes you just love!!