Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little ones to Him belong

I tend to title my posts using songs I learned in Sunday School as a child. Mainly because they still bring me comfort...but also because they are simple and remind me of the love from my Heavenly Father. 

I am attending a bible study on Kelly Minter. She does a great job "making us" read every verse in Nehemiah and other verses in various books of the Bible. I have to say it has been a lonnnng while since I have done a bible study. They overwhelm me...honestly. That is my lame excuse anyways. Once I start them though I am of course overwhelmed(in a good way) with God's love for me and many times my eyes are opened to my weaknesses and heart is refreshed with the plan that awaits for me. Sometimes that plan is not so clear, other times it is a huge "aha moment" followed by a clear path.

Kelly Minter continually asks a few questions that really hit deep for me...but left me wondering the answer. You see...I didn't have a clear answer...yet. I wanted to be careful to not just write anything down, but to really think about it. The first question is "What makes you weep?" Now, that is something I could answer right away. I think we all were given compassion and empathy to certain groups of people, so we could help them. Sometimes we have that compassion because it is something we struggle with ourselves. 

The next question was "What has God put in your heart to do?" I see this as an action follow up to the question "What makes you weep?" Many times the things/people that make you weep and have a heart for are the things/people that God has put on your heart to do something about. 

Let me share what makes me weep. Children, young and old who are in need of some love. Being a mom, I know the instant I found out I was carrying my child I had an enormous amount of love for that child. Then once my son was born...that love grew and grew. So, when I hear of a child who does not have a mother or father to love on them it makes me weep. Adoption has always been something I had much respect for. Being an advocate for Pro-Life I love hearing stories of Adoption rather than Abortion. I have helped in various centers that support these mothers and fathers who are scared and unsure of what their options are once they find out they are or their partner is with child. I witnessed a beautiful story of adoption in my own family. My Aunt and Uncle were involved in a prison ministry and ended up adopting my cousin, as his mother was not able to care for him. I couldn't imagine life with out him and I praise God for the better life he has now because of Adoption. I hate to imagine where he would be if he was not in my Aunt and Uncles' home...but it was all in God's plan. He kept him safe and now we get to be blessed by having him in our family!!! 

In many cases the reasoning for someone to choose abortion is because they can not take care of that child. Many times they just don't want to and many times they are in a very poor and/or harmful/toxic lifestyle. When they choose life, I weep. When they choose to give their child to someone who could give them more love and a better life, I weep. When they choose to turn their life around, I weep. There is nothing better than seeing someone who is weak take hold of God's promises and allow God to be strong.
"Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me!"

I have to say I began to get a little off track in what it was I thought God was wanting me to do. It was really leading no where and I was confused. I have always been interested in how the mind works and love reading psychology books. People who are mentally ill (bipolar and schizophrenic) really do have my heart and I am not saying that I am writing it off...but I think my main focus, which has been since I was little, is children who need love...attention...affection...or who just really need. But, then I realized many of the mothers and fathers that came into the center I volunteered for were in need too and some even had some mental illnesses that were keeping them from being able to take care of their child. Just as much as these unborn children needed did the parents.

So, what makes you weep? They poor, the handicapped, the orphans, the widows??? And what has God put in your heart to do about it? Believe me it may not be clear, but I challenge you to pray about it. He may not make it clear for years...but I am sure you have an idea of what it may be. Life on earth is short compared to the eternity we will share with God. Make it count. Love on someone who needs it. And as Kelly Minter put it, "May you one day hear the words"..."You have done well to have this in your heart."