Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rise and Shine!

Are you a morning person? You know the type the rises and shines. The type that wakes up, puts on a pot of coffee, goes for a morning jog, showers, reads the paper and eats a nutritious breakfast??? I am NOT. In fact if you try to wake me up and I am not ready you may get punched in the face or kicked "accidentally". I have never been a morning person, but I really, really, really want to be. 

Working from home does not help my horrible morning skills. I wake up 10 minutes before I have to clock in. Shortly after Shane wakes up and I frantically try to through some sort of breakfast together. It is just not a good way to start the morning. I know that I may never be one to wake up at 5 or heck even 6 but if I could just get in a morning exercise and read a devotion that would be AWESOME! 

I am a night owl. I love staying up late. It has wreaked havoc on my life though. I am normally in bed by midnight. Which still gives me about 7 plus hours of sleep, once I do fall asleep. So, what am I going to do about this you may ask???? Well, I saw a new series on of my favorite websites that I follow called "Make the Most of your Mornings". I quickly ignored that post, even though it was something I have been wanting to change. I did not want to "be inspired" about my morning situation. I enjoy my sleep thank need to go and read how the others live in the wee hours of the morning. Then I saw another post(it is a 3 week series). Ok, ok I will check it out. It. was. amazing! They are on day 12 I believe. The writer, Money Saving Mom, gives you a very simple plan to follow to get in gear in the morning. It all really starts with your nights. One of the first things she asked us to do was to set a bed time...what??? You mean be an adult and go to bed at a sensible time? How could this possibly make me less of a monster in the morning? 

So, I decide to try it. I set my alarm for 7:30, twenty minutes before I normally get up (go big or go back to sleep..right!!!). Well, it did not go well...I fell back asleep and woke up 10 minutes after 8. URGGGHHHH. But...I decided not to let that ruin my other plans. I started working and what is really strange is my son slept until 9:30 so I got to work uninterrupted for a good hour and a half! If I would have woken up at 7:30 I could have had even more time to get some things done before I started work at 8. I have to say though I kept my attitude positive and had a really productive day. I printed out a daily task sheet or to-do list from Money Saving Mom's website that was really helpful. 

I decided that my new bedtime would be anywhere from 10-11pm. With my new wake up time of 7am that would give me 9-10 hours of sleep. Which in reality gives me more sleep time. My brain doesn't quite get the concept yet. I think going to be early(which 10 would be wayyyyy early to me) and waking up early, no matter how much more sleep I am getting, is just sooo hard. But in the end I know I will be more equipped to take on the day.

So here is my new schedule. I haven't begun to come close to mastering it...but that is ok. Baby steps. Shoot if I get dressed before noon that will be a huge accomplishment in itself. I feel like such a grown-up!!!!

7:00: WAKE UP and get dressed
Feed the dog
Make a cup o' tea
Turn on sprinklers
Make breakfast or some sort of book
Work out ( I will switch this up..reading one day..working out the next)
7:50:  Start to log on for work
10am : Break time...start laundry
12:00:: Lunch for Shane and I 
Put laundry in dryer
clean up kitchen
check emails and Etsy shop
12:30: back to work
2:30 Break time Clean something:) or do bills
4:30 Stop working!!!
Prep for dinner
6:00 Eat dinner
clean up
start dishwasher
8:00 Bath time for Shane
9:30 Nigh Nigh time for Shane
Pick up the house 
Prep for tomorrow's meals
Wash face/prep for bed
Write or do something relaxing

Now obviously there are other little things that are on my to-do list that I did not add. Each day it will change depending on what I am doing that week and what needs to be cleaned. If you need to get your days in better order I highly recommend that you follow this 3 week series. You can start at any time. Making the most of your mornings really do set the tone for your day. If I can do it...anyone can do it:)!!!!!