Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I wish I was one of those super health conscious people. You know the ones that get joy from eating healthy and that like to eat their veggies. I am NOT. I am getting better but, I am slowly inching away from my veggies, as if they wont notice my absence. My body sure does. I am eating at least one vegetable a day but that is definitely not enough. My lack of meal planning and going to the grocery store hasn't helped my new healthy lifestyle either. 

I HATE grocery shopping. I would much rather live on Top Ramen and have that money I would have spent on groceries and spend it on a new pillow or some cute shoes. But alas...I may not make it to 40 if I lived on Top Ramen alone.
With that said my goal this week is to take the time to plan out all my meals and try to enjoy my shopping experience. This really helped when I first started (five weeks ago...can you believe it??!!).

 I have hit a major rut and am at a stand still with my weight loss. I know what to do...just actually doing it is the hard part. And no I did not exercise once...moving on...nothing to see here....I know I know...JUST DO IT!!!!

So, I thought it would be fun this week to share some things that I am really loving right now. A lot of blogs do that weekly and it is really fun and I want to join them in their fun. Also, Weigh In Wednesday is not always going to be about weight loss...because that is a bit boring. So here it favs this week....

If you don't must follow Michaela Noelle Designs
She has a post every week where a guest blogs about what they love and hate (She loves me/She loves me not) which is where I got this idea. She is living my dream and going to design school. Super sweet girl...with lots of great advice. Check her blog will love it.

Party Planning:
I love parties at all times...not just this week. I just planned my 30th bday and had so much fun. My favorite website to get ideas from right now is: Loralee Lewis She is an amazing paper designer and event stylist. Just look at this cute Kitty Cat Collection she made for a little girl's bday!!!

TV: Did you watch season 7 of Design Star???  It is my favorite show of all time. I really wanted Britany to win...but Danielle's show looks great! I get depressed when it is over. But, HGTV loves me...really... they even have a commercial that says" HGTV loves summer":) Anyways...they have a new show called Design Star All Stars! So...I get a few more weeks of all the Design Star wonderfulness...Happy Summer!
Proof they love me!!!

There you have it just a few things that are brightening up my summer. What are somethings you are loving right now????