Saturday, January 1, 2011

It really is MAGIC!!!!

So I don't believe in magic...but after after trying the Magic Eraser from Mr.Clean...I am beginning to think Mr. Clean has some sort of powers:). I have tried them in the past on my walls. For a mom they really are a necessity. With just a little pressure those crayon marks are gone...shoe scuffs...gone...dried on mystery substance....gone!!!!

So...why the recent light bulb moment?? I already know these are the miracle tool...but I never thought to use them on my floor...until last night. We moved into a home built in 1975 in March and I have the feeling the floors were not scrubbed since about 1987. Seriously, I just convinced myself that the tiles were supposed to be a lovely shade of dirt. I have tried to get down on my hands and knees and scrub with a brush and the most heavy duty cleaner imaginable....but nothing worked. I just gave up. It took me hours to just do a few tiles and it is through out our home. So, I live with dirty, filthy floors. It is so embarrassing(well I guess not that bad because I am telling all of you). But, my socks are always stained and I know that when people come over they are like.."oh my goodness..Summer is a dirty...dirty girl". I know they see it because I notice everything in other peoples' homes...or maybe I am just paranoid..but no one really comes for a repeat visit....oh noooooooo...they HAVE seen my filthy floors. Ok I am getting a bit dramatic...but seriously is gross.

In my landlords defense...because she is wonderful...and I don't want anyone to think she is a dirty girl either..they had to rush to be out and didn't have much time to clean and she apologized.

Alright, back to this Magic Eraser. I was at Home Depot and picked up a box. When I got home I thought I should try it out on my floors. So, I did and it was just amazing what the tiles were really suppose to look like. It is like I have all new flooring. I rushed then to Target and bought the Magic Eraser mop, which works good but not as well as the small pads. Still it cleaned up really well and I will go back by hand and clean the grooves in my tile and the grout(yes, it even cleans grout)!!!! So if you are looking for some magic in the cleaning department these things work!!!!! Thank you if I could only figure out away for Mr. Clean to appear and do the housework for me????:)
(Can you tell which tiles I cleaned..ewwww)