Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joyous Shower

I had the privilege of throwing my bestie her baby shower. All children are such a blessing and Heather's little girl is no different. She has taken awhile to get here...but we are all so excited that she is being carefully grown in her mama's tummy:) and can not wait for the day she graces the world with her presence! Heather and her husband Ryan have been trying for many years for a little one. After many failed invetro tries they finally received the good news months ago that Heather was preggo!!!! Oh Happy Day! There have been a few bumps (Heather falling at work and a bad car accident) but God was watching over this little one and she is due to arrive around March 18th. I did all the food and my sister in law helped with getting set up and all the games. We had so much fun preparing for this special day and here are a few pics of the cupcakes I made. Luckily my sis took all the pics so I will get those soon and share the rest.