Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Desserts

I made two desserts this year for Christmas Day. The first one is my Apple Pie that I have made a million times. You can find the recipe in this post. I also tried out a Baklava recipe from Martha Stewarts' show. I was so afraid to make Baklava. I thought it would be extrmely hard with all the layers of phyllo was a little difficult but not bad. It was my first try and there are a few things I would change. For one I miss counted the layers and so the tol was thicker than the bottom. Also I think the recipe called for too many nuts. It was still delicious though. I enjoy it when I served it the next day it wasn;t as gooey from the simple sugar. I am so hard on my self...oh and sorry if anyone found pieces from my pastry brush!!!! I guess I need some new ones...they were falling off and I didn't realize it until I cut it..oh well!!! Now I am off to clean up the mess. I think it may take all week!!!