Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Great Bedding Search

I tend to buy things on impulse. Especially when something is on sale or clearance..I have a condition that does not allow me to pass on it. If I do I think about it day and night and can't go on living until I get it. So..I have told myself that this year I am going to ask myself each time I find something...

1. Do I really need it?
2. Do I have a place for it?
3. Do I love it?

Then and only then am I allowed to buy it. I found myself not loving any room in my home because it was filled with little tchotskies that were cheap so I bought them. Or a pillow that was on clearance and I thought that it would go ok in a room. But I wasn't buying quality pieces or pieces that I love. Part of it too is that I am impatient and I need to have things now(definitely working on this in the New Year). lastly, I also usually have a pretty good idea of what I want but it is either hard to find or wayyyy tooooo expensive. What can I say I have extraordinary taste and it is costly...hehehe totally kidding...but I do have Champagne taste on a generic brand coke budget.

So, here are a few of the bedding choices that I have come across and absolutely love. I am going for a Hollywood Regency look. So I want something elegant but also something The Hubs would like. My room is Grey and I am having a hard time finding a good grey. It literally has taken me all year to try and find something in my budget, in my color/style and not a DUVET. I do not like Duvets!!!! So here they are:(All are Duvets...I believe...go figure:)).