Sunday, March 1, 2009

It IS a BOY!

I had my second ultrasound on Friday Feb 27th. The little guy was turned away from the camera and was sleeping. Go figure. Scott and I were a little nervous about the gender. We have heard sooo many stories that the gender was thought to be one and ended up the other. Now, I have to say we both wanted a boy first, but as long as it is a healthy baby that is all that matters in the end. So, after a long visit to the ultrasound center we left still feeling a little apprehensive about getting the nursery started and taking tags off all the cute little boy clothes I have hanging in the closet. The ultrasound tech said the girl who did my first ultrasound was an expect in OB and was certain if she said it was a boy then she was pretty confident in saying that it was. But...we needed more concrete proof. We decided to go to Fetal Focus in the Galleria at Tyler. They guarantee gender determination and if they can't you get your money back. So after lunch at Ruby's. Scott and I, along with my Mom, Jan, Gary Marthe, AJ and the girls got to see him. And YES it is for sure a boy! We received a picture confirming the fact and a profile precious. It was great to have Scott, my Mom, Jan, Marthe and even Katie there to see the little one. We only had 10 minutes of viewing so it was quick but we got what we came for. So, now it is on to decorating the nursery.....and cleaning the baby clothes!