Monday, March 16, 2009

Early Hospital Visit

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment which I had changed from Wednesday(11th) to Tuesday(10th). I changed this to make things easier on Scott and I. I figured we would have our doctor's appointment then grab a quick bite to eat and finally head over to the hospital for our Infant Care class. Well, I went to the doctor, who then sent me to the hospital...not for the class but to be emitted for SIX HOURS! I had high blood pressure 140/90 or something like that and Dr. Marcus was concerned. So, I ended up getting to the hospital around 5:45 then waiting for a room until about 8:00. They set me up in labor and at least I got to see the accommodations that I will have when I deliver! I was set up on the baby monitor and an automatic blood pressure monitor, that took my BP every half hour. I had my blood taken, urine tested and finally an ultrasound. Everything came back great. My blood pressure was perfect every time. So, I must have just been nervous when they took my BP at the Doctor's office. What an ordeal. I have never been to the hospital, so that was a little crazy, but I was relieved that everything turned out to be ok. We finally got out of the hospital around midnight and heading back home. The ultrasound tech determined that the little one..isn't so little 6#14oz already! He also gave me an estimated due date of March 30th! Two days later I went for a follow up with my doctor who said my BP was good again and I lost a pound, so he was much happier with me. He also said, as for the weight and new due date, to pay no attention to that. We are sticking with April 25th. It has been such a roller coaster ride. Thankfully, I have had a really normal pregnancy. If I hadn't been so nervous on Tuesday it probably would have been drama free. God is definitely watching over us. Oh and we totally missed out Infant Care class so I am ordering a few movies to watch...just to put my mind at ease...because I have no idea what I am getting into:) Sorry little guy..I'll try not to mess up too much:)