Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower #2

Saturday was my second baby shower at the church. The women's board did a great job decorating the room and we had some awesome cupcakes..mmmm! I believe there were about 20 women there. It was such a blessing. Shanna gave a devotional on raising Godly children. We played a nursery rhyme game and the game where you could not say the word BABY or you lost your pacifier. It was a great day and am so thankful for all the women who showed up.

The nursery is all painted and a few items are hung up(thanks to Mom and Leah). I should be getting my crib soon, as well as a glider. I have all the clothes hung. I still have soooo much to do. I am hoping I have til the 25th of April now. But he will get here when he gets here and everything will be just fine:). I bought him the cutest stuffed pony today. I couldn't resist. I haven't had to buy much thankfully. Babies are expensive. I have been so blessed to have my Mom give me a shower and then my church. I don't know how people do it with out so many people. My mother in law is giving me another shower as well after the baby is born! Too blessed:)