Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Summer Lovin'

As Christmas approaches my eyes are seeing way too many cute things in the stores! Tonight, Shane and I, made Snickerdoodles while we listened to the Chipmunk's Christmas Record. I am officially in the Christmas spirit. I know! It is not even Thanksgiving. I want Christmas to last as long as possible. I also get so busy and I end up not enjoying it as much as I want. I really want to focus on not getting so busy this year and focus on the celebration of Jesus' birthday.

Today while shopping at Target I spied with my little eye...something sparkly! Have you seen the E.L.F. Holiday line? I snatched up the nail polish set. It had the prettiest shades. I already painted my nails. If I have something new I have to use it right away. It is a problem I have. The formula is surprisingly great. I was not expecting much from a 5.00 gift set, but I love it! It dries super fast. If you have any girls on your Christmas list I am sure they will love it. I really want to try the eyeshadow palettes next.

It is no secret...I love makeup. My Summer Lovin' posts usually are all makeup related. I recently signed up for a monthly makeup bag service by ipsy. Yep! Every month for 10.00 you get a cute makeup bag filled with lots of goodies. I mean how wonderful is that. Makeup and mail..I was sold. Every month they have a few different products that they fill your bag with. Not everyone gets all the same items. This was my first month receiving the bag and I am in love. First off they send you an email when your package is on its way to you. I was sooooo giddy. I couldn't wait for it to come. Then it arrives in a pink sparkly packing envelope, because a manila envelope is just not acceptable! Then inside was a pink and gold makeup bag. My two favorites. Inside that were six products! Some are full size and others are travel size.

This is with the packaging on each product. I just love packaging!

Look at that makeup bag back there!!! The back top left is a beautiful  nail polish by Nailtini in "Champagne", then a gorgeous lip crayon(my newest obsession) by: be a bombshell, then a small little TRESemme hairspray. Most people might not be too thrilled with this, but this is the hairspray I use and I just ran out so I am excited! In the middle is an orangey lip balm in "pillow plush" by em (Michelle Phan) I believe she is the Co-Founder of ipsy. This is her new line and we are the first to receive a full size product. I already tried it(of course) and it is really moisturizing. Next to the Lip balm pot is a bronzing powder by Pixi in "Subtly Suntouched". I see this line at Target all the time, but have never tried it(kinda pricey). Finally, in the front is an eyeliner in "Topaz" by Starlooks. I have never heard of this line. I tested it out on my hand and it is actually a really pretty silver. Once it is on it stays put. Super excited to try them all out!!!

If you are interested in signing up for this monthly service I highly recommend it. I can't wait for my next bag! You can use my link You will not be disappointed!!!

Work is finally settling down for me. Only working 8 hours a day instead of 10-12 is a glorious thing. Since I was working so much I had very little time to do anything extra. One of the things I missed most was reading my favorite blogs. I have a few new ones that I L.O.V.E. Come look:

I first read a blog post from this blogger about anxiety. I instantly bonded with the writer. I then found out her name was Summer. We fellow Summers have to be instant is a rule. Then.....I found out she loves God and makeup and has a You Tube channel talking about it all. She reminds me of Rachel Zoe:) minus the selfish part.

My next favorite blog is actually by a friend of mine. My friends are so talented!!! This blog is all about doing fun activities with your kiddos. Clarissa is a former teacher and she has some awesome ideas and is a great mama to her two sweet little boys she adopted! I love a great adoption story and boy do they have one!
This is a super short list. I am working on a Summer Lovin'- Christmas Wish List edition:). I am really into giving unique gifts this year and am scouring Etsy and other little shops on the internet. What are some of your favs this month?