Thursday, November 14, 2013

Local Shop Love

Every year... around this time, my Mom, Sister and I go to a Holiday Open House put on by some local antique/gift shops. It is my kick off to the Christmas season. I always find so many treasures. In years past it was a combination of shops all around town. This year they were just a few shops in one area. They also used to provide a limo... taking the shoppers from one shop to the next. It was super fun! There are a few new shops that recently opened up in the same area so, I think there wasn't a need to have it open to all the shops who previously participated. Those were downtown and they ended up having a separate open house on another day. We honestly could not have fit in one more store so, it worked out for us. We first stopped at my newest fav- Embellished Nestings. It was filled with so many pretty serving pieces. I love glasses, plates and platters. If I had more room to show it off I would have more pieces. I really liked this store because I found a few Mid-Century Modern pieces! It is such a popular thing now. Which is a bit of a bummer because with fame comes a hefty price. However this shop had amazing prices on everything! Many times small shops really jack up their prices and it just isn't worth it to me to pay so much. I like to be the one to find treasures for a great deal and not pay someone else for looking. This shop was fairly priced on all their pieces. Their displays were all well done and the people who worked there were super helpful. I hope they are around for many years. I hate seeing cute shops like this go. I think with great prices and unique pieces they have a great future. Stop by soon if you are looking for some cute Christmas gifts! They are located on 3756 Elizabeth Street, Riverside, 92506.

This picture is from their facebook page which I linked above:). Isn't it beautiful?

I found these plates and instantly fell in love. They are super retro. I don't know anything about them. They have a little circle indentation that appears to look like a spot for a cup. I would love to have the matching cups! They also had a clear set that I am tempted to go back to see if they still have. I got the four of these for 20.00.
Next up is a shop called Vintique Alley. Such a cute name! The shop owner is super sweet and always there to help.  She has a large section outside that was filled with vendors the night of the open house. One of the vendors had vintage hats that I was drooling over. We talked about how we wish women still wore hats. We decided we needed to bring them back! Although I was super bummed because I made a rookie mistake and didn't bring any cash. DUH!!! So I was not able to purchase one of her beautiful hats:(. I have been searching Etsy and such for some. I picked up a retro clock at Vintique Alley for just 10.00! It is perfect on The Hubs nightstand.

Vintique Alley is located at 3758 Elizabeth Street, Riverside, 92506 (right next door to Embellished Nests).

Finally we visited one of my old favorites Forget Me Not Antiques. This shop is filled with many unique vendors and I always find something interesting. The owner is always there! I don't know if there is anyone else who works there as I have only seen her in there. I like to look for records at this shop and I hit the jackpot this time. I found a few great records that were in perfect shape. One was never was the Chipmunks' Christmas Album. I knew Shane would love it and Mama too. I also got a Johnny Mathis record. I love having a record player it takes me back in time(even though I was born in the 80's). Being in our 1959 home I like to pretend that it is still that era. Things were so cool and chill back then:). Forget Me Not Antiques is located at: 3774 Elizabeth Street, Riverside, California 92506.

 Overall, it was so much fun! If anyone wants to go I will be your shopping date! Shop local:)