Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lil' Pumpkin Baby Shower

My sister is having a baby! Annnnnd it's a GIRL!!! I am super excited. I have a boy and it just isn't as fun to shop for a boy. It is easier having a boy as I can put a plain T-shirt and some Levi's on him and he is good to go. Girl's on the other hand have hair bows..tights...sparkly shirts and tutus. So, needless to say I am glad my sister is having a little girl and Auntie Summer can spoil her. I have even had two dreams about her! Can you tell I am excited????!!!

I was also very excited to get going on planning a shower for my sister. I can't believe it is already over. My Mom and I were in charge. My sister being the creative one made a collage with inspiring items that matched her theme. She decided on a Fall themed shower with a hint of Cinderella. Mainly the pumpkin turning into a carriage part. It was perfect as it is Fall time and we were able to add a bit of whimsy to make it look like a baby shower.

Event planning is in my blood and I couldn't wait to get started but, I had the busiest time at work weeks leading up to the shower. I was so bummed. All I wanted to do was stroll up and down the aisles of Joann's and Michaels!!! This was not fair. So, I did a lot of online shopping instead and enlisted the help of a few people. My Mom did most of the work and did a wonderful job.

The shower was at my home. We had around 25 women. My sister got so many cute things! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, Each person is so special in my sisters' life and soon will be a part of the Lil' Pumpkins' life. My sister is not 100% sure in a name so, I will refer to my niece as a pumpkin. My sister's best friend took all the pictures. I can't say how happy I was to have someone who knew what they were doing to take on that task. She is super talented and thinks of all the great shots that I always forget. They will be pictures my sister treasures forever! You should check out her blog Polka Dotted Blue Jay and see all the cute things she has made! Here are some of my favorite shots:

My Mom and sister found this at Hobby Lobby. Isn't it perfect for our theme? 
I just had to use a white pumpkin as the centerpiece. I was able to find flowers in all of the colors that we were using. I used an empty chili bean can inside the pumpkin to fill up with water and keep the flowers in place.
I can not even say enough about these cookies. Not only were they beautiful...they were delicious! I have been FaceBook stalking a page called Beautifully Delicious By Danielle. Which the name is perfect! You have to click the link above and check out her work it is amazing. She did exactly what I had in my mind, which is very hard to do. I am super picky and I knew she would deliver. They were almost too pretty to eat....almost!

This cake was actually made by Target! My mom has become friends with the bakers there and they really did a great job. They went above and beyond what they normally do and made two beautiful cakes. One was pumpkin spice and the other was white cake with strawberry filling. Again, beautiful and delicious.

Overall, we had a wonderful day. Being in November we were afraid it might be too cold, but the weather was gorgeous! Thanks to all who attended. I can't wait to meet my Lil' Pumpkin!!!!