Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grand Re-Opening:The Days of Summer

Hello there my faithful followers:). I blog because I love to write. It is definitely a creative outlet for me. When I first decided to start my blog I thought, "who is going to want to read anything I have to write about"? I am not an English major. My grammar and use of punctuation marks are atrocious.
I said to heck with it...I want to write!!!! I am very thankful for all my sweet friends who have encouraged me to continue to post and that actually read my posts. I appreciate it. I have thought many times about doing this more often and getting sponsors and making it more of a job rather than for fun. I remember doing that with my passion for baking and cooking. That did not end well. I got burnt out and I no longer enjoyed it. So, for now I just write for the few that read and I love it!

My blogger name is Flour Power. I went with that as I always wanted to open up a bakery with that name. I started this blog with intentions to post strictly about baking. It bloomed into much more as I got interested in interior design and makeup. Then of course I had a baby and I am married, so I like to share things about parental life and married life. I realized that I needed to change my blog name. Luckily, my sister is a Graphic Artist and I enlisted her help. It took me forever to choose a new name. Having the name Summer I knew I wanted to come up with something clever. The Days of Summer ended up being the winner. Unfortunately, The Days of Summer is already taken as far as the URL, but I did change my header. I may eventually change my link but for now it will remain the same. Soooooo, with all that said I thought I would do a Grand Re-opening post:). To celebrate I am going to do a "get to know me" post. Everything you ever wanted to know about me or maybe way more than you ever wanted to know:).

I was born in the summer..but I was named Summer because of a girl my mom knew in High School. I grew up in Riverside until the age of 7. We then moved to Moreno Valley and lived there until I got married. I met my husband(of 10 years in September) through a family friend and through cooking. I often questioned why I went to Culinary School. Like I said before it was a hobby but once I started doing it for a living I did not enjoy it anymore. I realized God knew what He was doing. I started working as a Personal Chef for a family, who my family knew for years. The older son's best friend was my now husband. It is a long story(I will post that story soon) but we ended up meeting and falling in love and got hitched!

I am shy. Like, puke on my shoes if I am the center of attention, kind of shy. I have always been. I actually was a lot more shy when I was younger if you can believe it! God is working on me though. I am a very fearful person and I don't have time for that anymore! I want to be me and be comfortable with who God wants me to be. It has been a long process but I give all the glory to God for any progress I have made.

Speaking of God....I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N. I have been for years. I am learning more and more of what it means to live a Godly life and not just a Good life(that will be a post soon too). Being shy I lived many years not branching out and living a life that was pleasing to God. Thankfully, God is very forgiving...I need that. His mercies are new every morning...can I get an AMEN?!

Most of you already know all of this so I will try not to bore you with any more random facts about me. I hope you enjoy my posts and will continue to read them. I have so many posts that are still in the draft folder and I need to finish those up. Writing has always been apart of my life. It is a creative release, but also very therapeutic. I am not quick with my words when I speak. Writing allows me to free the thoughts in my head and share my feelings about life. I hope you enjoy The Days of Summer.