Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Since I changed the name of my blog...I decided to also do a new series called "Summer Lovin' ". I believe I may have done something like this in the past..but I want to make it a more regular post. Similar to my "Girl Talk" posts...I will talk about what I am loving each month or if I can keep up each week! If you watch YouTube videos they do their monthly favorites and it is so much fun to watch. So, enough talkin' let me show you some pictures!!!!

Ok, this cute business is something I picked up from HomeGoods last night. I have not been to HomeGoods in forever. I was reunited with the beautifulness that is HomeGoods and I apologized for my long absence. It will never happen again. You should have seen my cart!!! (Baby, I hope you are not reading this...if you are just close this out right now!!!) Seriously, my cart was so full I couldn't see anything in front of me. But, this is actually how I normally shop. I gather all the goods and then I edit. I prioritize by needs and wants. So, I actually only ended up with a few things. This notebook was one of them. It was only being that I am also made the cut. I am starting a new book and will be reading it along with some other girls, so I wanted a journal to write down notes in. Which brings me to my next favorite thing this month.
Have you read this yet? Wife after God, by Jennifer Smith. It just came out a few months ago...I believe. I actually have not started to read it yet as our study has not started. But, I read the intro and a few things online and I am going to love it. I was praying about ways I could encourage The Hubs more and just really how to be an awesome wife. I mean don't get me wrong...I am pretty awesome already...right husband??...oh wait I banished you from my page...come back and sing my praises:). Anyways, if you want to join us in the study let me know! We are just doing it all online so it is perfect for me. 

Yes, those are Sharpies and yes I love them!!! I write with them all the time. I can not use a normal pen! Weird I know but they are just great. I think it is because of their size and thickness. Yeah this is a little awkward now so I will just end with Yay for Sharpies!!!!

I am so excited about this candle. I had been eying these MELT  candles at Target for awhile now...solely for the design. But, again being the cheapskate that I am, I just stared lovingly at them and never bought one....until I smelt this pillar o'goodness. It is in the scent White Peach Mango. Yeah...unbelievable. Peach is my all time favorite sent. I seriously probably looked like a crazy woman standing in the candle aisle. I had this candle all up in my face. I wanted to eat it...yummmm. They have other scents...but those do not matter. They also had bigger pillars and diffusers. They did not have a diffuser in this scent at my Target... but I am hoping to find it at another location. I believe this was 9.99. I am going back for more...for sure!

Since I could not eat my candle...I am happy the folks at Bigelow made this deliciousness in a cup. Have you tried it??????? My mom and sister made lunch for me for my bday. I was minding my own business...when all of the sudden I took a sip of the tea my mom brought,. Ohhh LAWD! There should have been a sign or warning stating that I was about to drink the most fabulous cup of iced tea that I have ever tasted in my life. My sister and I both agreed it was so good. We actually finished off the whole jug my mom brought and we were not ashamed!  My mom actually got the Lipton version of the Green Tea with Peach. I went to my Target and Vons but they did not carry it. Vons did carry this brand and it is very similar. I also served this at my friends bday and she almost drank the whole was her bday that was I had more:). 

What have you been enjoying this month? Or this summer?