Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Asian (Garden Stool) Persuasion

Remember when I told you about those groups on facebook that sell stuff? They are pretty much like Craigslist only better!!!! Well I was just minding my business, scrolling through all the bikes, vases and clothing for sale when this beauty caught my eye!
The lady selling these actually referred to these as pots. I have never seen them used as pots..but either way...I wanted them!

I thought....could that be one of these????

Retails on Amazon for....$277.00!!!!

A lady was selling SIX of them for 10.00 each or if you bought all six she would give you a deal. I proceeded to ask the dimensions and she told me. Another person commented that he would take all six. Being the nice person I was I said he could have them since I only wanted two. WHYYYYYY??? I want them all. What are you doing Summer Ashley?! These sell for over 100.00 at some places. This guy must know of their potential. I wonder what color he is going to paint them? I wonder how lovely they are going to look on his patio, or in his bathroom or nestled up to his couch? I really blew it. Oh well, maybe he won't pick them up.

Now let us move onto the following day when this man(what does a man know about Asian Garden Stools anyways???) was suppose to pick up the beauties. I see a notification on my phone. Could it be??? Did Mr. Stool Stealer pass on MY beloved stools? Why yes, yes he did. Oh HAPPY DAY!!! I have to say I kinda knew this was going to happen because Jesus loves me:). Mr. Stool Stealer was unable to pick them up and in his defense he did not steal them. I graciously gave them all to him out of the goodness of my heart and he jumped on the opportunity and crushed my dreams of future spray painting sessions  these stools and I would have.

Anyways, where was I. Oh yes...Mr. Awesome...previously known as..Mr. Stool Stealer passed and Mrs. Awesome Seller Lady(no relation to Mr. Awesome)  asked if I was still interested. The reason she asked this is because after I passed them off to Mr. Awesome I immediately felt regret and sadness and I may have made a comment that sounded a bit pitiful. I mentioned if HE did not want them to let me know and I may consider them again. I really wanted to tell her that I made a HUGE mistake and please forgive me for not jumping on the opportunity to buy ALL six of these gorgeous stools and that I would give them a beautiful home. But I refrained.

So, she said they were all mine and all six for only........wait for it.......50.00!!!! That is a little over 8.00 for each of them. If you have not seen these stools before you are probably thinking I am a little crazy(or a lot) for getting all excited for this find. If you have seen these stools then hopefully I don't seem as crazy and you are with me on how great of a deal this is. I picked them up from the lady the next morning on my way to my mom's. I had to store them at her house as I was driving us for a fun day of shopping with her and my sis, but they understood, because they too love a good deal:).

This was definitely another great chance to bust out my beloved spray paint. I went to Lowes to get some more primer and to get a clear protectant for the stools and other items I have redone. I was also going to pick up a glossy white as that is what I wanted to paint my first stool but then I realized that it wouldn't go well in my bathroom which is where I wanted to put one. My bathroom is mainly white and it needed some color. My walls are a blueish green and although I wanted to go with something really fun...I stuck with my safe gray. I had two bottles on hand and so I thought I would give it a try. It ended up being the best fit for my bathroom.



 Most of the stools were a light color with some tropical looking flowers...but there was one black sheep. Literally it was black with tropical flowers on it. I definitely was glad I primered it. My gray paint was not as glossy and I would have liked, so I bought that gloss clear protectant, but it was not that great. It was a Valspar spray and I have never used this brand. It definitely added a layer of protectant, but made it a bit gritty and not as glossy as I had hoped:(. Oh well..it still looks purdy. My original plan was to use all of these outside..but I really needed one in our Guest bath. I think I may add one in our Master bath as well. Here are a few examples of these pricey stools(which I should have referred to them as Asian Garden Seats... as Asian Stools sounds horrible):

Lovely in Pink
Celadon LOVE

Glossy White 109.99
Glossy Black $148.00!!!