Friday, March 22, 2013

GIRL TALK-Thin is not in

Thin is not in...thick is what it is all about! Unfortunately, I am talking about eyebrows and not our waistlines. And even more unfortunate that is the one place I am thin on my body. I can't win.

I am a little obsessed with eyebrows. If you are ever talking and you see that I am not giving you good eye contact but am instead looking at your eyebrows...well sorry. I love eyebrows. Thick and well manicured. Thin is not in girls!!! Did you know that if the outer 1/4 of your eyebrows are thin and you can never grow them may have a thyroid problem? You're welcome! Now that I have ruined a few peoples' day let me get back to the topic at hand. Thick eyebrows. Now, I am not talking like really thick and bushy like some of these super models bueno. Let me show you a few people with A+ eyebrows:

So...what do you think? Do you like thin or thick? Do you fill in your eyebrows? Do you have tricks to trimming them? Do you tweeze, wax, shave or thread? I am currently working on getting my brows thicker...they seriously grow every where I do not want them to. Here is a link to filling in your brows in case you need help:). Just trying to do my part in making eyebrows every where look their best! Hope you enjoyed the second installment of Girl Talk:). Again I am not an expert...just a girl who like girlie stuff:). Let me know if there is anything else you want to talk about. And in case you need to know what your eyebrows should NOT look you go: