Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bedding Saga

In just a few short months, we will have lived in our house for 3 years! I really can not believe it. I really can't believe that shortly after our three years "living here" anniversary...Shane will turn 4!!! Yikes...time truly does fly!

We are in a rental. I feel very blessed to live her in our...home. Hard to say home when it is not technically ours, but home is where the heart is, right? The fixtures are not what I would chose for my home, the exorbitant amount of tile is just that....exorbitant. There is a huge list of what I do not like about the house, but I love that we do have a house to live in. One that is spacious and that fits all of our stuff. The location is ideal and our neighborhood is really quite nice. With all that said I was thinking about living here for almost three years and what I have and have not done decor wise. Since it is a rental I didn't want to fill it up too much...but as I type that and look is pretty much filled to the that last statement was an outright lie! I can't help myself. I love interior design. Our first home that we bought...was well... brand new and a blank slate. We had a lot of fun filling the walls up with art and filling the rooms with furniture. I have to say it was a bit more modern than my liking...but because it was a new home I felt that was appropriate.

Our current home is a bit more traditional. The hubs hates it. I slowly started to bring in some older pieces and cluttered some of the space up. I have to admit, it is too much for me too. I am in the middle of establishing what my style is (also trying to incorporate The Hubs style as well). It is hard when one likes ultra modern and the other likes a more traditional palette. He is more LA loft and I am more Newport Bungalow....James Bond vs Fred Astaire....Plummers vs Pottery Barn...cold vs warm(hehe). I do appreciate his style..I just find my style superior. Oh man, I might be living by myself if I don't stop.

Sooooo....lonnnnnngggg story short. It is hard to combine our two styles. The house we are in now is light and beachy. Which I am now getting tired of. I have always incorporated the beach into my living spaces some how and I probably will continue to do so, but in a more subtle way. I hate kitsch and themes. My bathroom is about as themey as I want to be. In our next house it will be completely different, so I am enjoying it now. It is what I have to work with and I need to be content...pfffttt.

So, my major brain freeze has been in my master bedroom. It is a bit on the glammy side. There is no pink so I think I am safe. I call it Modern Glam. My furniture is all vintage pieces. Most are faux bamboo, which I love!!!! My problem has been deciding on bedding. It has been three years and The Hubs has this horrific navy blue blanket that we were given and I use my warn and beloved pink quilt my Nana made me (guess I do have pink...ooppps). I have found a few options from time to time, but nothing I absolutely loved. I didn't want to settle but I didn't think it would take this long. After wrestling with my color choice I decided white would be best. It is so crisp and clean. I love the whole pintuck look, but a lot are duvets and I can not stand duvets. So, I currently have grey striped sheets...grey striped pillow cases ....solid grey pillow blue pillow blue blanket and a pink patchwork quilt....lovely! I thought all hope was lost until I saw Jcpennys' new collection. Be still my heart. Well done have designed my perfect bedding. I got a little discouraged when I saw the price and read some reviews, but there are actually two options I like. Here they are(which are not white...but I think I am over that...until next week). What do you think? Which one would you prefer?


This comes in white too...but is a little blah. This color is more of a grey in person.