Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peaks of my day...

This is just a simple little list..nothing special..except to me:). I had one of those days where I was aware of every little piece of dirt....the little man was testing my patience and everything anyone did made me want to punch a hole in the wall. I think they call that hormones!!!! Don't you love being a woman? I was even saying hurtful things to my house! Calling it ugly and old...sorry house...but you do need a face lift. Instead of playing the whole woe is me... I have to work...take care of a child...clean...cook...look fab...etc...I decided to just be happy for what I did have and look on the bright side of things. My day got much better...thanks to a lot of prayer. So here is a little list of things I was thankful for today...

1.Having Target 1 minute away so I could sneak away during my lunch break and have some "me time" ( of course I bought Shane a super cool Spiderman coloring book, new socks and diapers..buying things for others makes me happy...but I did find a bright colored shirt that felt very Springy for myself...YAY). 

2. My is our one luxury....actually it is a necessity...our lawn would be even more dead if our gardener did not come to our rescue every other week. So thankful for the rain on Saturday..we don't have sprinklers in our backyard and so it is hard to keep up on the watering and there is a lot to do.Now I don't have to water for at least a week...right??? The wind blew an enormous amount of leafs onto our patio. With one quick blow of the leaf blower it was all clear(I love that thing). I loved opening up the door once he left and it was all manicured and clean. Ahhhh...thank you Rich...your the man!

3. A washer and dryer. I don't have one of those fancy ones....I have a good ol' Kenmore set. I was complaining as I loaded my fifth load of laundry in and then I began to be thankful that I had a washer and dryer and that it was still working! Today I needed to wash not only clothes but all the sheets and blankets in our room and Shane's bedding. It was definitely a blessing I didn't have to lug them to the laundromat(always spelled it laundry mat...I have never actually had to go to one so I am really blessed). 

4.My son is almost 3(crazy) and can do things on his own. Today was one of those days where I was so busy with work and cleaning that the poor little guy had to pick out his own clothes and I also had him bring me his juice box(he can open the fridge..which is good and bad...this instance..awesome)!!! I felt guilty telling him to wait all day and that I would do whatever it was he wanted "later" we got all his train tracks out and set up a cool track and watched Thomas go 'round and 'round:) 

5. My shows.....The Hubs had a meeting tonight so I got to watch American Idol and my new favorite...Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. Jeff Lewis makes me laugh...he is so blunt and mean...but I love it when he cracks himself up and his designs are AMAZE!!!! GORG!!!! ADORB!!! Ok..not adorb...but those are all the words I see circling around on Pinterest to describe things and in my attempts to stay hip I try to use them as well...not always a success. BTW...Billy Joel songs are boring...yawn...who did you like on AI? Apparently I am into shortening words:). 

6. Dairy Queen! I texted(sp???) The Hubs and told him it would be nice if he brought me a treat:). It was one of those days that I would have been mad if he didn't bring me a treat...even though he didn't know I wanted I thought I should just send him a nice little warning before he got home. He delivered a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard..mmmm. Today was gorgeous..I mean GORG outside so it was a perfect conclusion to my day. Ice cream makes everything better. 

7. On a more serious note...I am thankful for work..for both The Hubs and I. Even though it has its ups and downs, God is always faithful and provides for us in our times of need...which seems to be often. My job is going great and I am starting an hour later next week so I can hopefully get in a workout in the morning. Love the flexibility and a great boss!

8. Last...but not least....CLEAN SHEETS! Is there anything better??? Even though I had to do all the laundry at least I can crawl into bed tonight and sleep better all because of my fresh and clean sheets! Oh and my mom made me some homemade laundry detergent that makes everything so fluffy and clean it! Night all:).

What were some peaks of your day???