Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anchors Aweigh

We have lived in our home for 2 years now..and for two years the wall above my couch in my family room has remained naked! I am trying to not buy things on an impulse just because it is inexpensive. I have learned from my mistakes and have slowly started to edit out all the impulse buys that just were not what I was looking for. Soooo...that is the reason why my walls remain bare. I saw a picture on The Lettered Cottage via Pinterest that sparked a feeling of happiness and my DIY meter went off. I knew I could do it..even with my limited talents in painting. Here is the inspiration picture....
See that black and white striped umbrella painting<3
I loved the umbrella idea but my Family Room is Nautical decor. So..then I thought..oooooo...I can do a beach umbrella. Then one day I thought why not do an anchor????? I LOVE anchors and I remembered that I saw a cute anchor graphic on The Graphics Fairy blog. I printed it out and was ready to get all the supplies I needed. I happened to tell my sister and she just happened to have a 30x40 canvas laying around(nice to have an artist in the fam...thanks sis). So she brought me the canvas and all the paint and supplies and I got to work. 
I used 2 inch painters tape to mark off my stripes. I wanted 2 inch stripes so it worked out perfectly. I was tempted to just leave the tape up and not paint at all...too bad I didn't have dark gray tape!

Painted 8 stripes in a dark gray (Acrylic Paint)

Took me about an hour to paint the stripes...I had a tiny brush and it took a few coats.

I decided to free hand the anchor. It isn't perfect...but close enough:) free art work(sorry for the horrible camera needs to retire).
Anchors Aweigh(always thought it was away???)...this is a Navy term..."Aweigh" means that that action has been completed. Very Anchor Art is Aweigh:).
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