Friday, February 4, 2011

Floating Holiday Project



Shane taking a pic of mommy's work too...and the laundry I should have been doing instead:).

Today I took my second Floating Holiday for theWinter. We usually get two that we can take any time between the first of January until the end of February. So..I had grand plans but then I saw my ugly... used to be coffee table..turned bench begging me for a redo. So I decided that I definitely wanted it to be white and then I was debating on doing stripes or a chevron pattern. I knew that my perfectionism would probably never be satisfied with the chevron pattern so I decided upon the stripes. I used left over paint from my hallway and trim. I started at the beginning of Shane's nap and finished by the end(luckily it was one of his two hour naps!). I am really happy with it. It looks really beachy. I wish I would have done 5 stripes instead of 4 but I think I will leave it. I may add some trim or paint out some other parts with the beige color..but for now it still looks really fresh. It originally began as a pine coffee table with doors and hinges. Then I wanted to get away from the country look and painted it a green to match my "Tropical" theme I had years ago and removed the doors. Next it was painted an ugly chocolate brown and it stayed that way until today. I was glad to do something different today and even more happy it could be done while the little guy slept!

There it is before...ugly brown...I know it is hard to see but Shane looks cute and there is that darn basket of laundry again!