Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Business of Busyness

Yes, that's right I am in the business of busyness. What is this business of busyness you may ask??? Well, I am pretty sure you are in the same line of work. It isn't one of those fancy businesses..with jets and assistants. It isn't a multi-million a year business. However, this business of busyness consumes your precious time, you put in way over the 8 hour fact you work over time everyday. Just when you think your ahead..BAM..your business of busyness takes a hit. There are the typical stacks of paper on your desk, "associates" pulling at you from every which woes and don't even think about taking a sick day in this business of busyness!!!
Sound appealing??? No??? Come on the benefits are great...or are they..come to think of it there are no benefits in this business of busyness.

Busyness-Sustaining much activity..such as a busy morning or busy street.
Busyness- Being in use.

All these definitions from are pretty applicable to how I am feeling about the busyness that I call life. The second would be a busybody of sorts..which is being meddlesome..which is a good definition of how I feel about being causes tension and destruction. The third would refer to more of an object, but again still pertains to the act of being busy "being in use"...unavailable to your spouse, children and other loved ones.

I only have one child and he is not at the age where he needs to be driven to football practice and then boy scouts. So, why am I feeling this way. Why am I feeling as though I am too busy to play outside, to read a good book or to spend time serving God. My priorities are out of whack. I work full time and am also a full time mom. I work from home so there is no break. I am on 24/7. I am beginning to see the importance of a stay at home mom. I am frazzled. I have to admit though..I am new at this and just like a new soon get the hang of it and things run smoother. Being busy these days just seems like the norm. I am not saying that you need to sit at home doing nothing. Taking your kids to their activities is great. Being involved at church is great. It is when the busyness takes you away from these things that we as parents should be doing is when this business of busyness needs to be closed down.

As a working mother I am blessed to be able to stay at home. But...something has to suffer. I can't give 100% to my son when I have to ignore his needs to get my 8-5 job done...or visa versa. I almost always choose my son over my work..but that is not fair to my job and it is not fair to my son that my time is divided. The Hubs and I talk all the time about the possibilities of me being able to stop working. You hear all the time about the Lord providing..I hate to say it but I am so afraid to take that risk. I have the best benefits..good pay and three weeks paid vacation! The Hubs works commission..enough said!

Just something I wrestle with. I get overwhelmed..and then I think about having another little one...I think my heart just stopped beating! God has been teaching me to really spend my time wisely. The busyness I talked about early, right now, is being on the computer for hours or watching TV. Not using the time I do have wisely. I consider it meaningless activity. Yes, watching TV and going on the computer are not bad activities..but when they are chosen over activities that are meaningful that are bad. Max Lucado put it best:

“Those who believe in God will be careful to use their lives for doing good.” Titus 3:8

"Being busy is not a sin. Jesus was busy. Paul was busy. Peter was busy. Nothing of significance is achieved without effort and hard work and weariness. That, in and of itself, is not a sin.
But being busy in an endless pursuit of things that leave us empty and hollow and broken inside—that cannot be pleasing to God."

So, my prayer is that I choose to spend my time wisely..that I am busy with activities that are pleasing to God. Hopefully this new business venture pans out and I don't go back to my business of busyness.