Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Blog Design!!!!!

I have to say this is a little premature...but I just can't wait to share my new blog header. My talented Graphic Designing sister made it for me..thanks Leah!!!! I decided to move all of my posts from my blog SummerShares over to this one. I never liked the name of my other blog and soon I will be deleting it. Leah still has a little more tweaking to do but it is coming along great!

Flour power started in my little brain when I was in High School. That is when I decided to go to Culinary School. I wanted to open up a bakery once I was done with school and call it Flour Power! It was going to be retro and just so fantastic...but after two years as an Event Planner I decided that I prefer to bake as a hobby and the food service industry was tough!!! The Hubs has however reignited my fire for owning my own bakery or restuarant of some sort..who knows maybe once our lil' guy isn't so lil' anymore I can start to think about it again. For now I will try and bring you great tried and true recipes here on my blog. I am a first time, full time mom with another full time job as a Criminal Researcher, so no promises on how often you will get these tasty lil' nuggets!!!!