Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Christmas this year

It is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my home. There has been no Decking the Halls...until....last night!!! Yeah I know there are only 10 days until Christmas and I have no tree up. I am the type to have a "devil tree" as The Hubs calls it...yep straight from satan he says. There is no Jesus in a tree that has matching bulbs. No Jesus in a tree that does not have tinsle or colored lights!!! Oh geez..he has so much to learn. I do have matching bulbs and huge amounts of ribbon cascading down my tree each year...but I also have my ormanets that I received each year growing up. I also have some of Scott's...(however, his Snowboarding Polar Bear is always placed safely in the back of the tree)shhhh:).

I have been so overwhelmed lately. I finally just had enough and told The Hubs to just start taking boxes out and hopefully that would get me in the Holiday Spirit. It worked...I feel much better... still need my tree but it does feel more like Christmas. I am trying to not get too bogged down and keep the true meaning of Christmas in my heart. After all Jesus is the Reason for the Season and this year he has blessed my family so much..the least I could do is put up a few decorations in his honor.
As you can see in the pics Shane is loving the decorations. This year is going to be so fun. Whenever he sees lights he says " wooooow"!!! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and take sometime to enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones!