Monday, November 8, 2010

Money vs Time

I have really been taking a look at areas in my life where I can shave off a little fat. That really just made me think of loosing weight and that is so not where I was going with this..but I guess I should think about that too. Another time. Back to the situation at hand-money$$$. It is no surprise that so many people are struggling right now and are taking a look at what they truly need rather than what they want. It really is a more simpler life. Less stress, but the finer things in life are missed. I am not one to wash my used Ziploc bags and hang them to dry..or use cloth diapers..or really even recycle...but I think that whatever works for your family is great.
I recently joined a coupon site online. is a great site that lists grocery stores or Drug Stores that feature certain discounts, along with coupons. My goal is to get something for free! My first good deal was at Vons. Yes, I know most people think Vons is expensive (including The Hubs) but the people there are so nice and helpful and it is never busy and the checkers don't talk to the box people like a certain store that I HATE. I will give you a clue it rhymes with Cater Pros..sorry that was lame:(. Anyways, I hate grocery shopping so I need to prove to The Hubs that I can shop at a nice store and still get some great deals. I saw there was a sale on Glade products. If you bought three you got them each for .99cents each. Then I had a $1.50 off coupon if I bought two. So, originally they were 1.99 each..that is 5.97 and I got them for 2.97-1.50=1.47...a grand total of .49cents!!!!!
The checker had a hard time finding the coupon though. I was in line forever as she looked for it as it was an in-store deal. Finally, the manager just did an override of the system and gave me the discount. This discouraged me a bit. This is the reason I don't use coupons. I am always behind someone who does and there seems to be some sort of an issue. So, all this to say is your time more valuable than money.
We use products these days that are made to cut down on time for daily tasks. Such as those Swifter products. I use the dusters and the floor cleaning pads. It is great ...I don't have to take the duster outside and pounce out the dust as it gets all over me. I don't have to bring out the mop bucket and mop. that really worth the amount of money I am spending monthly to purchase the refills? Maybe I am going to the extreme. I feel though that we have become a society that needs instant gratification. Who has the time to get out that mop bucket, or prepare a meal instead of waiting a few minutes to get some fast food. I am guilty of even waiting for my fast food any longer than 5 minutes and getting irritated. When my computer is slow it is so frustrating. I started to think back to what I did 5 years ago, then 10 and finally 20. Then what my parents did that seems so ancient or prehistoric now...sorry they probably would not appreciate that reference.
Just think about the evolution of the phone. Just in the last 50 years there have been so many changes. From the rotary dial, to the push button dial, to voice prompted dial..I am always amazed at what they can do with technology. Is this all too much? Have we become lazy and dependent of technology to get us through the day. 100 years ago I wonder how my Great-Great Grandparents announced the news of my Great-Grandfather's birth. Today I could have someone videoing my son's birth with their Smart Phone and have it uploaded to Facebook in seconds or better yet YouTube for the whole world to see...not that I would appreciate that technology..but it could happen!
So, in conclusion, I am not going to turn into one of those super frugal mom's, who sews their children's' clothes and makes their own baby food. That just isn't me. I am however, going to not waste my money in areas that I could be saving a lot. I want to be a smart shopper. CA is so expensive and with this past election I do not see any change for the good. We would love to have another child and be able to allow me to not have to work anymore. That would be so wonderful!!!! So I figure unless I have no knowledge of currently being pregnant..I have at least about a year to save and learn to live on less and take more time to do things that will save me that hard earned cash$$$.