Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Night and Master Bedroom Accessories

I hosted another craft night this past Friday. There were five of us that got together and made Christmas wreaths. They all turned out so cute.
However I forgot to take pictures of them all:(

I also went to a Holiday Limo Tour of about 5 gift/antique shops in Riverside with my mom and a few of her friends. It was really fun. The limo took us to a shop that was participating in the tour and we got out and shopped and then got back in the limo to take us to our next shopping destination. I did not find anything until the very end at an antique store called Old Glory. I have never been there and I can't believe that it is only a few minutes from my house!!! I found the white horse chess piece pictured below!!! It was only 22.46. It is going to go great in my new Master bedroom. I also picked up the votive candle holders below at Michaels for like 1.00! I had just seen them in a magazine for a lot more so I was so happy I ran across them. And finally, another accessory for my Hollywood Regency room that I am so excited about. I made my own Starburst Mirror from two items from the Dollar Tree. I knew I wanted to use bamboo skewers for the Starburst portion...I had the gold paint and when I went to the Dollar Tree to find items for my Christmas Wreath I was so excited to see a round mirror and then a little ways down I saw a Styrofoam round that the mirror would fit perfectly on. I just inserted the skewers into the Styrofoam round(after painting gold) and then glued on the mirror. For a finishing touch I added some gold banding to cover the ugly parts:). It of course is not super amazing but for 2.00 and some change I would same I am very pleased with it. I can not wait to put this room together.