Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mama Woes

Woe is me! I am soo tired. I think I may be dying. Ok not really I am a bit dramatic, but I seriously can't keep my eyes open. I feel like I did when I was pregnant..uh oh!!! No I am sure that is NOT it. Shane has been super cranky. Scott is gone in Vegas and I think Shane is upset.

I went to Kohl's because I have been in desperate need of new jeans. I got paid and I headed straight there. I always seem to find a pair on the clearance rack, this time was no different..I was so happy. About five minutes into our Kohl's adventure, Shane started fussing. Ugghhh...really lil man??? "Momma needs this retail therapy", I cried out inside. He didn't get the vibe. I had to get a few other things. I was there less than an hour, which is good for me but not for Shane. I had planned on going grocery shopping too, but that did not happen. Accompanied to Shane's crankiness, is his clingingness(spell check did not recognize this word). So, I tried to take a nap on the couch when we got home, but my little monkey did not want that to happen.
Ok..I am still not done complaining (I mean telling my story). I also was asked to work OT. At about 9:15PM I put Shane to bed..hallelujah!!! Signed onto my computer and could not get up enough strength to move my mouse...forget this. I had worked one hour of OT earlier and decided to work a few extra hours today instead. Off to bed I go....well not quite..I suddenly had all this energy..figures!!! So I decided to go into bed, but just read. As I mentioned Scott was in Vegas and so I knew it would be hard for me to fall asleep. I turned off the light around 10:20 and so it began.
I swore that I heard someone breaking in at least 17 times. I was so upset with myself. I prayed and just said Lord, please give me a peace and let me fall was now 11:00. I knew at 11:20 I could probably be close to falling asleep because that would be one hour since I laid down. I could feel myself falling into a deep sleep and then what is that I hear at 11:21??? Shane crying!!!! Are you serious? He has not done that in weeks... if not months. I had to start laughing. So this is what I signed up for being a mommy. I quickly jumped up, got the juices flowing again, and went to check on him. He was in the same position he was when I laid him down and I think his arm or something fell asleep..because he wouldn't move. He was in so much pain..poor guy. I found his binky and rocked him for a bit and he went back to sleep. So, now I had to start all over again! Dear Lord..please allow me to just pass out..AMEN.
12:33 I have probably been asleep for no more than 10 minutes. Dog jumps on bed. Bad idea for dog. I quickly snap at him and tell him very sternly to get in his bed. Daddy lets him sleep on his side..but that is a no no when it is just me. He never returned back to our dog!!!!!
7:30 Shane wakes up. So much for getting in a few hours extra of sleep. Oh well it was a nice idea. I know God did not do this to be mean, or Shane, or the dog..but it is so weird. It seems as a Mom that it is impossible to sleep any more than 6-7 hours. I guess that is why everyone always tells you to sleep as much as you can before your child arrives. They were not kidding! You will never enjoy those Saturdays where you can sleep in as long as you want. I guess I will have to wait until Shane is a teenager to experience that again.

I told The Hubs that there are three things that I rarely get now that I have a child.
1. Sleep..obviously
2. Sex...sorry, but it is true..who has time or energy for that!
3. Showers..I am lucky if I get 2 a week...ewwwww!!!
And now I can add Shopping to the "S" list. I wouldn't trade any of it though. I am exhausted, clothes are needs to be is a mess..but even though I don't get a few of those "S's" on my list I gained the cutest, smartest, sweetest and most wonderful "S" of them all- SHANE!