Monday, August 30, 2010

Simply me

Many bloggers like to write an "All about me" post. I kind of thought that was cheesy but it is so interesting to see the blogs that I follow often have a blogger behind them that is so similar to me. I think every girl thinks fondly of Target and gets all giddy when she receives her Michael's coupon...but it is so much fun to see what else makes everyone tick. it goes...this is simply me...

I like to pretend that I have a great eye for design...and maybe I do...but my brain and hands don't allow me to make that a reality. I can't draw a straight line or hang a picture without making at least seven holes in the wall. I am a perfectionist and so projects get started but then quickly are halted and production is stopped and a professional is called in (aka..The Hubs).

When I am feeling blue...a quick 3 minute drive to Target cures all. I have been known to go there three times in a week. Marshalls and Lowes also do the trick. I am the handy one in the family (unless is involves straight lines and hanging pics...that is why The Hubs and I are a perfect match).

I love the beach..however I probably actually have only been in the water a total of two times in the last seven years. The Hubs does not enjoy the water...I work full time and the thought of me in a swimsuit around mass amounts of people scares me and will scare them as well.

If I was single and had no family I would live in Maui.

I am a boys mom. I always wanted two boys. Girls scare me. Although I would like to have a girl for the sole purpose of decorating her bedroom (Is that so wrong???). It would be overwhelmingly all girl. Pink, tulle, frills, tutus, chandeliers, pink, polka dots, chenille and more pink!!!!!

I am a spelling Nazi. I am a bit of a snob about it. I make mistakes and so therefore I have decided I can not judge....but really people! I am horrible about punctuation. That is why I always use (...) because I have no idea if a :, ;, or a . is needed:).

I am extremely and painfully shy. I am getting better. People don't scare me (man..I am afraid of a lot of things) as much as in the past. I used to cry before school or events where large amounts of people would be gathered. I am learning to Love God and myself and that is helping me love others.....long process:).

Home is where my heart is. I love everything about homes. From the front door to the back yard and everything in between. I even lovvvve to paint. It transforms a room with little money just some blood, sweat and lots of tears. You can tell a lot about a person just by taking a look at what they chose to surround themselves with.

I HATE drama (except for The Real Housewives..obsessed). I think that is why I like boys more than girls. But my few girlfriends that I do have are soooo awesomely amazing and are drama free. I am very laid back... drama and loud noises make me have panic attacks.

I do not appreciate animals. They leave hair everywhere, lick, jump and are quite rude to guests. I do not appreciate animals in my bed...yet my dog is probably curled up under The Hubs blanket as I type this. If I was single I would only have fish or maybe a fish. They are quiet, don't scratch, don't shed and only require a few flecks of food and a water change every once in awhile. Most of my friends...including The Hubs are animal lovers....I have forgiven them. I can look past their insanity and remain talking to them...just not about their pets.

I do need to mention dog Vinnie is pretty alright for a dog....ok he is a really great dog..but that is the end of this conversation about animals.

Last but not least....I love my little family. The Hubs is so loving and loyal. My two favorite qualities in a man. He makes me lol at least once a day. (see pic for proof)
My favorite thing to do is to make HIM laugh though. My lil buckaroo is so sweet. He is such a boy and I love it... but am seriously afraid for his safety on a daily basis. (It keeps the ol' ticker goin'...right?). He is the perfect addition to our family. God truly has given me more than I I am hoping to return the favor and be the Godly woman he has intended me to be.

God Bless!