Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Growing Pains

Recently I have experienced quite a few "growing pains". For many of you it has been years, but I found out that as a parent you have to go through them again. This time they shoot right through your heart. The "growing pains" I am speaking of are not your own growth, but that of your child.
Shane will be 16 months in about a week and a half. Tonight I bought a tub stopper and bath mat, so that he could take a big boy bath. I found myself staring at the products wondering if I could just maybe hold off a few more weeks. I should have already retired the baby bath tub a long time ago...but I couldn't. It meant throwing out the fact that my baby is not a baby and is now a toddler. So along with the bath water...out went the baby tub. It is now dried...wrapped in a Hefty bag...and sitting out in the garage along with the shopping cart protector(cause mama isn't a hypochondriac any more about eat're fine), the pack and play that has not held you captive in months, your bouncer and soon your high chair will be added to the mound of out grown baby products. If you have seen Toy Story 3 then you know about how sad it is for the toys to be put away..I wonder if the pack n play and bassinet are getting along out there???? I am sure the bouncer is keeping them in line...(cue duh bum ching).
This must be the time when most mama's have the urge for another one. Hmmmm...I think I will just take some Advil and call it a night. Growing pains are tough...but labor pains are tougher.