Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Master Bedroom Mood Board

We moved into our house in mid March and since then I have neglected our master bedroom. It is very small but really is fine for a bedroom. I come from the standpoint that the actual bedroom itself should only fit a bed, nightstands and a dresser...then there should be a huge bathroom with a seating area that leads to the enormous walk-in closet/dressing area. I think my last bedroom/bath was the size of half of my new house. Oh well...I am happy where I am and I need to get motivated to spruce it up.
I never make my bed. I used to when guests were coming over for the first time..but with the little one here now I just say that it is off limits and no one gets to see it. I think it is because I have such ugly bedding...well and because I just don't wanna! I have searched high and low online for a bedspread, comforter, bed-in-a-bag, duvet or any type of covering that I would like. I had an all black comforter before with little white and grey specks. It attracted to much lent and dog hair so I know I do not want that color again. I thought of all white with a band of grey but with a husband, dog and lil man in the house that is just not a good idea. Finally I decided to go with red. The walls are all grey and the accessories are silver and black so the room needs a punch of color. The bathroom is grey and red so it will work out perfectly. Now to find some bedding that I like that isn't 1,000 dollars!!!! This has been an impossible search.
I decided to just put together a mood board so I can stick with my plan and not change my mind a million times.

Patterns I am toiling with:

This is a wall stencil that I am going to attempt:

And finally a few accessories that I like: