Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 1

You hear all the stories of late nights with baby. No sleep for either the mom or dad. So, I decided that, hey, I don't have to work, my job now is to be mommy. That even though he has woken up every hour that I had no where to be nothing to is all good! I thought something was wrong with him when he wanted to eat after only 45 minutes of just feeding him. My Pediatrician reassured me that it was normal, especially for babies with Jaundice. Babies use almost everything in breast milk and so they eat more frequently. He is starting to eat more at one time and sleeping longer.
My mom has been such a great help during this time. It really makes me appreciate her some much more. As a mom you have to become selfless. Your child depends so much on you, especially the first few years of life. It puts my heart at ease when she is here with me. Thanks MOM!!!
Scott has been such a great help too. He loves his little boy. He has to take on a little more than most since it is still hard for me to move around. Luckily, he is able to stay home with me. He wont be starting his new job for a little while. God is provide a job and still allow him to be with me and Shane.
Shane will already be a week tomorrow!! I treasure every last second I have with him. I love when he lays chest to chest with me. I sometimes still feel him there even when he is not. I love when he smiles at me or the sound of his daddy's voice. I love when he looks around. His eyes are so precious. I love when he is feeding and he raises his eyebrows and his forehead gets all scrunchy:) I just plain LOVE everything about eyes are all watery now. He has beautiful dark blue eyes for now and black hair. I am curious to see what he will look like in a few months. I can see both Scott and I in him..also my brother:). Well, it is about time to wake the little one up. I can't believe I have time to post this.